The Fosters S4E20 'Until Tomorrow' Trailer

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PUBLISHED Apr 05, 2017


STARRING Maia Mitchell, Teri Polo, Jake T. Austin, Amanda Leighton, Cierra Ramirez,

GENRE Drama,Family


RELEASE DATE Dec 31, 1969

Callie faces a life-changing decision to take a plea deal and go to jail for three years, or go to trial and risk an even longer sentence. Even though Callie struggles with her own situation, she tries to help Diamond out of hers which becomes extremely dangerous. With only 24 hours to make a difference in Callie's case, Stef and Mike ramp up their investigation into the Martha Johnson murder bringing in as many leads as possible. Lena confronts Drew about his campaign to make a major change at Anchor Beach Community Charter School, while Mariana rallies her fellow students to protest.