X-Men: The Animated Series
X-Men: The Animated Series



First Aired

Dec 31, 1969


X-Men: The Animated Series


Network: FOX (US)

Status: Ended


They are mutants, genetically gifted human beings - the world's newest and most persecuted minority group. Amidst an increasing climate of fear and bigotry, one enlightened individual, Professor Charles Xavier, has created a safe haven for some of these powerful outcasts. The mutants here are taught to harness their unique abilities for the betterment of the human race. They fight against hostile Government agencies and mutant supremacist Magneto, and his factions, which seek to destroy the human race.


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The Phalanx Covenant (Part 1)

Episode 1

Rushing to investigate a disturbance downtown, the X-Men find Sabretooth... Read more

The Phalanx Covenant (Part 2)

Episode 2

Snatched from the jaws of the Phalanx by the villainous... Read more

A Deal with the Devil

Episode 3

The former Soviet Union's living weapon, Omega Red, is thawed... Read more

No Mutant Is An Island

Episode 4

Cyclops, still in mourning after Jean Grey's ""death"", quits the... Read more


Episode 5

Longshot, a rebel from another world, tumbles into this world... Read more


Episode 6

Nightcrawler gets a mysterious message. He is informed that his... Read more

Storm Front (Part 1)

Episode 7

The dashing alien, Arkon, unleashes terrible weather conditions over Washington... Read more

Storm Front (Part 2)

Episode 8

Spectacular preparations for Storm's wedding to Arkon proceed quickly. But... Read more

Jubilee's Fairy Tale Theatre

Episode 9

Jubilee tells children her own fairy tale having herself, her... Read more

The Fifth Horseman

Episode 10

Fabian Cortez helps Apocalypse escape from the astral plane. Read more

Old Soldiers

Episode 11

Wolverine thinks back to the time when he fought during... Read more


Episode 12

The origin of Mr. Sinister. Read more

Hidden Agendas

Episode 13

When the army learns of Sam Guthrie's cannonball power, they... Read more

Graduation Day

Episode 14

Due to a serious injury, Professor Xavier is dying and... Read more

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