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Feb 23, 2010




Network: Syfy

Status: Running


World Wrestling Entertainment and Syfy are teaming up to bring you the next generation of reality television with the debut of WWE NXT. In this hybrid live event/reality show, eight popular WWE superstars, including Matt Hardy, Chris Jericho and William Regal, will be paired with eight "Rookies" looking to learn the ropes and make their pro wrestling dreams come true. They come from various walks of life - from former college basketball stars and firefighters to Harvard Law graduates and indie wrestling champions. They come from locations as exotic as South Africa, the United Kingdom and New Jersey. And they all have one goal: To be the king of the squared circle. Who will emerge victorious and claim his place in the WWE pantheon?


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An Early Clash

Episode 1

On the premiere episode, we are introduced to the 8... Read more

What's Next For NXT?

Episode 2

At the end of the season, a Rookie’s success or... Read more

Rookies on the Rise

Episode 3

The rookies continue to try and impress in their bid... Read more

Clash in the City of Angels

Episode 4

WWE NXT host Matt Striker announces that in two weeks,... Read more

Tag Team Twosome

Episode 5

With one week left to the first Pros Poll, the... Read more

Monday Night Goes 'A-List'

Episode 6

The first Pros Poll rankings are revealed, and the rookies... Read more

Slater Gets Rocked

Episode 7

The rookies face their first weekly challenge, a Keg Carrying... Read more

The Party Rages On

Episode 8

The rookies try to impress a British audience in the... Read more

NXT Rookie rocks 'the best'

Episode 9

Things get physical as the NXT Rookies square off against... Read more

Cornfed Victory

Episode 10

The rookies salesmanship skills are tested in the Seal the... Read more

Overcoming Obstacles

Episode 11

The rookies are tested on an obstacle course to win... Read more

Three Goodbyes

Episode 12

The rookies are thrown a curveball on the first elimination... Read more

Party Crashed

Episode 13

The return of eliminated rookies Daniel Bryan and Michael Tarver... Read more

Show's Over

Episode 14

It's semi-finals week, but Michael Cole is more interested in... Read more


Episode 15

It's the final week of NXT, and remaining rookies Wade... Read more

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