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Mar 06, 2010




Network: Tokyo MX

Status: Ended


The story is set in a family restaurant named Wagnaria in the northern Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido. Souta works part-time among the restaurant's high-spirited, mysterious, yet cool staffers.


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Wagnaria - No Front Line Incident

Episode 1

Welcome back to Wagnaria! What will happen in the lives... Read more

The Wind of Love!?

Episode 2

A fateful phone call brings back a terrible person into... Read more

Greatest Night

Episode 3

Realizing that he and Yachiyo both have the same day... Read more

Heart Knocker

Episode 4

After her night out with Jun, Yachiyo begins to question... Read more

Super Bag in the Heart

Episode 5

Izumi sets out to find a new lady friend for... Read more

Yamada, Yama-da!

Episode 6

Souta struggles with the idea that Inami may have feelings... Read more

Goodbye Yamada

Episode 7

Aoi runs away from home, feeling that she is not... Read more

Mystic Sugar

Episode 8

The "Yamada" family still has problems. Aoi still doesn't acknowledge... Read more

Dangerous Situation

Episode 9

Mr. Otoo brings Haruna to work so she won't get... Read more

That Woman Shizuka

Episode 10

Kozue's self-esteem hits a new low as she and the... Read more

The Love and Reminiscence of Something

Episode 11

Satou wants to confess his feelings to Yachiyo, and he... Read more

Working Girl

Episode 12

Takanashi sorts his feelings for Inami while Yachiyo and talks... Read more

Midday Duel

Episode 13

Inami is feeling nervous about dating Takanashi as she still... Read more

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