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Mar 06, 2010




Network: Tokyo MX

Status: Ended


The story is set in a family restaurant named Wagnaria in the northern Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido. Souta works part-time among the restaurant's high-spirited, mysterious, yet cool staffers.


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Poplar's Nature

Episode 1

Popura becomes upset with Sota constantly calling her small. Later,... Read more

Ideal Family Planning

Episode 2

Aoi becomes curious about Hiroomi's secret life and drags Popura... Read more

I'm In a Slump

Episode 3

Sōta's novelist sister Izumi enters a slump when she assumes... Read more

Manhole Spiral

Episode 4

Whilst out shopping for some more cream, Kyōko and Yachiyo... Read more

Wagnaria's Big Stomach

Episode 5

Popura and the others try to think of ways to... Read more

Hired, Fired, Tired

Episode 6

Popura and Jun end up catching colds due to Aoi's... Read more

Bad Tuning of Love

Episode 7

Mahiru meets a boy calling himself Kirio Yamada, who she... Read more

Oh, Sister

Episode 8

Sōta becomes depressed when he discovers Nazuna has grown as... Read more

Love is So Global

Episode 9

Jun takes Yachiyo to buy a cellphone, whilst Kozue takes... Read more

Cell Phone, No Problem

Episode 10

Mahiru finds herself a bit too close to Sōta for... Read more

It's Resolve, is that a Problem?

Episode 11

Aoi searches for her teddy bear, Daisy, only to find... Read more

Daisy Dies

Episode 12

Popura and Aoi try to help Mahiru train to cure... Read more

Farewell Popura

Episode 13

Whilst Popuar is pleased to finally reach the report sheet,... Read more

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