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Mar 06, 2010




Network: Tokyo MX

Status: Ended


The story is set in a family restaurant named Wagnaria in the northern Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido. Souta works part-time among the restaurant's high-spirited, mysterious, yet cool staffers.


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Welcome to Wagnaria: Takanashi Works

Episode 1

Takanashi Souta, lover of all things small, is recruited by... Read more

Inami, Androphobe. But You're the Scary One

Episode 2

Souta meets Mahiru, who suffers from Androphobia, the fear of... Read more

Yachiyo, Kyouko, Satou... and the Returning Mr. Otou

Episode 3

Yachiyo the samurai sword carrying waitress reveals that she started... Read more

Souma, the Overly Invigorating Young Man

Episode 4

Takanashi is visited at work by one his 4 sisters.... Read more

A Certain Day of Flu... A Wagnaria That Is Different From Usual

Episode 5

Takanashi takes the day off work to take care of... Read more

The Melancholy of Souta, the Women of the Takanashi Family

Episode 6

Takanashi spends some quality time with his four quirky sisters;... Read more

A Well-Missed Otou, and the New Part-timer = Yamada (!?)

Episode 7

Otoo returns to Wagnaria once again this time bringing with... Read more

Inami's First? Outing!

Episode 8

The girls decided to take a trip to the hot... Read more

Kotori-chan Appears!!

Episode 9

The source of Mahiru's fear of men is revealed to... Read more

The Truth to the Suspicion... Nazuna Works

Episode 10

Kyouko is gone for a week on company business and... Read more

The Two of Them Back Then, Yachiyo and Satou. Also, Welcome to the Takanashi Family

Episode 11

Yamada tells a scary ghost story at the end of... Read more

Why!? The Night Before the Climactic Battle: Taneshima's Returned Favor

Episode 12

Pupura finds out about Takanashis tall sisters and is upset... Read more

Takanashi and Inami in the So-Called “Decisive Battle” of a Date…

Episode 13

Takanashi and Mahiru go on their "date". The staff... Read more

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