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Sep 21, 2015




Network: Boomerang

Status: Continuing


Wabbit—A Looney Tunes Production (stylized as Wabbit. A Looney Tunes Production) is an American animated television series from Warner Bros. Animation.In this series, the Looney Tunes leaves the sitcom world and return to their slapstick-comedy roots. Each episode of Wabbit contains four shorts, starring Bugs Bunny from the Looney Tunes as the main character.


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Buddha Bugs

Episode 1

After pillaging a monastery, Yosemite Sam attempts to outwit an... Read more

Now and Zen

Episode 2

Squeaks finds himself up against a small group of ninjas... Read more

The Inside Bugs

Episode 3

Yosemite Sam robs a bank and finds an unusual getaway... Read more

Sun Valley Freeze

Episode 4

Bugs winds up in a snowy mountain, only to deal... Read more

St. Bugs and the Dragon

Episode 5

Sir Littlechin the Kinight is on a quest to capture... Read more

Leaf It Alone

Episode 6

Wile E. Coyote attempts to show Bugs the future of... Read more

The Bigfoot in Bed

Episode 7

Bigfoot pops in for an unexpected visit, and Bugs decides... Read more

World Wide Wabbit

Episode 8

Yosemite escapes from jail only to discover he is woefully... Read more

For the Love of Acorns

Episode 9

Squeaks has misplaced his acorns beneath the pitcher's mound of... Read more

The Game Is a Foot

Episode 10

Shameless O'Scanty, a conniving, cloud-riding leprechaun, runs out of luck... Read more

The Grim Rabbit

Episode 11

Bugs and Squeaks are enjoying a day in the park... Read more

The Wringer

Episode 12

Yosemite Sam hires a Bugs Bunny impersonator to cause mayhem... Read more

White House Wabbit

Episode 13

Bugs visits Washington D.C. for the grand opening of the... Read more


Episode 14

Bugs and Squeaks meet a tough Barbarian and his bear... Read more

Not Lyin' Lion

Episode 15

Bugs and Squeaks head to the African Savannah to visit... Read more

Ice Ice Bunny

Episode 16

Bugs is excited for a day of fun in the... Read more

Wabbit's Wild

Episode 17

Squeaks has a last minute card game at Bugs' house.... Read more

All Belts Are Off

Episode 18

Yosemite Sam needs a belt, so he robs a men's... Read more

Wabbit's Best Friend

Episode 19

Bugs and Squeaks meet Jack the Dog Trainer who can't... Read more

Annoying Ex-Boydfriend

Episode 20

A boy bird named Boyd tries to win back his... Read more

Bugs vs. Snail

Episode 21

Bugs is looking forward to a day of kite flying,... Read more

To Catch a Fairy

Episode 22

Bugs wakes up to discover his teeth missing. He must... Read more

Bugs in the Garden

Episode 23

Bugs and Wile E. compete in a garden grow off!... Read more


Episode 24

Bugs trusty GPS gets him lost in a cornfield, where... Read more

Painter Paint Hare

Episode 25

When Jack the painter's nature painting causes chaos in the... Read more

The Spy Who Bugged Me

Episode 26

Bugs is sightseeing in Washington D.C. and a spy is... Read more

Hareplane Mode

Episode 27

Bugs gets revenge on Sam when he wants to get... Read more

Bugs of Steel

Episode 28

Rock Hardcase, a fitness guru cons the animals to get... Read more

Big Troubles

Episode 29

Bugs and Squeaks discover a device that makes everything bigger. Read more

Manner Maid

Episode 30

A robotic rule enforcer named Manner Maid has been placed... Read more


Episode 31

Bigfoot is captured by the group of hunters with Bugs... Read more

Grim on Vacation

Episode 32

When Carl the Grim Rabbit goes away with his partner... Read more

Carrot Before the Horse

Episode 33

An entitled little girl named Pampreen takes all of Bugs... Read more

Trunk With Power

Episode 34

Bugs is running late to catch his flight, but first... Read more

Snow Wabbit

Episode 35

During a snowy day outside, Bugs builds a snowman which... Read more


Episode 36

Bugs and Wile E. Coyote both get sprayed by a... Read more

Raising Your Spirits

Episode 37

Bugs discovers he is being haunted by an invisible spirit... Read more

Dust Bugster

Episode 38

When he binge-watches a show and leaves his house a... Read more

Computer Bugs

Episode 39

While playing a game on his computer, Bugs goes inside... Read more

Oils Well That Ends Well

Episode 40

While traveling to a festival, Bugs stops at and mistakes... Read more

Your Bunny or Your Life

Episode 41

When Bugs is out getting Squeaks a lottery ticket, Carl... Read more

Misjudgment Day

Episode 42

A future robot is set out to destroy Bugs in... Read more

Splashwater Bugs

Episode 43

While at the opening day of the water park Splash... Read more

Fwee Wange Wabbit

Episode 44

Desiring to eat a rabbit, a turkey vulture named Vera... Read more

Beaver Fever

Episode 45

A greedy beaver says it owns the entire lake. Read more


Episode 46

Little 'Squeaks' accidentally enters Wiley Coyote's laboratory. Read more

Survivalist of the Fittest

Episode 49

This is one of my favorites, An outdoors-man talk show... Read more

The IMPoster

Episode 50

It's Halloween, An Imp is a mischievous spirit. Bugs can't... Read more

Bugs Over Par

Episode 51

Bugs competes at golf for a prize. Read more

Fast Feud

Episode 52

Bugs gets drafted into working in fast food, "greasy spoon",... Read more

Bugs in Time

Episode 54

Read more

Home a Clone

Episode 56

Read more

Bugs on Ice

Episode 57

Read more

Bug Scouts

Episode 58

Read more

Mile Hi Grub

Episode 67

Read more


Episode 72

Read more

Squeak Show

Episode 73

Read more

Rodeo Bugs

Episode 74

Read more

Erin Go Bugs

Episode 80

Read more

Cabin Fervor

Episode 82

Read more

Ear! We! Go!

Episode 89

Read more

Hare Band

Episode 90

Read more

Hawaiian Ice

Episode 92

Read more

Bugs Bunny?

Episode 94

Read more

Wet Feet

Episode 95

Read more

Pork Lift

Episode 97

Read more

Elmer Fuddge

Episode 99

Read more

Gorky Pork

Episode 101

Read more

Hard Hat Hare

Episode 102

Read more

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