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Mar 27, 2010




Network: Nickelodeon

Status: Ended


Chaos is coming to Tori Vega's life. The 16 year old is starting at a new high school; but not just any school. This is Hollywood Arts, a performing arts school where crazy talented students learn how to become real artists.. Until now, Tori didn't think she had much talent of her own, and was content to live in the shadow of her older sister, Trina. Now, that's all about to change... if Tori can see herself in a new light, even a spotlight! But Hollywood Arts is still a high school, and Tori is still the new kid. She'll have to find new friends, do homework, and just try to fit in. Will Tori grab a starring role in her new life?


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Wanko's Warehouse

Episode 1

Trina tells everyone that there is a sale at Wanko's... Read more

The Hambone King

Episode 2

Robbie posts a video online spotlighting his rhythmic talent of... Read more

Opposite Date

Episode 3

Tori and Beck go on a date where they do... Read more

Three Girls and a Moose

Episode 4

Tori, Cat, and Jade try to win the affections of... Read more

Cell Block

Episode 5

Sikowitz challenges the kids to go a week without using... Read more

Tori Fixes Beck and Jade

Episode 6

Beck wants to ask a girl out but is worried... Read more

One Thousand Berry Balls

Episode 7

Andre gets Tori a job at a frozen yogurt stand;... Read more

Robbie Sells Rex

Episode 8

A spoiled child sets his sights on owning Rex. Elsewhere,... Read more

The Bad Roommate

Episode 9

Andre is tired of living with his crazy grandma and... Read more

Brain Squeezers

Episode 10

When Tori is selected to be the team captain for... Read more

The Slap Fight

Episode 11

Tori and the gang are caught up in a competition... Read more

Star-Spangled Tori

Episode 12

Tori worries she will forget the lyrics when she is... Read more


Episode 13

The students are challenged by Sikowitz to say yes to... Read more

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