Unusual Suspects
Unusual Suspects



First Aired

May 31, 2010


Unusual Suspects


Network: Investigation Discovery



THE UNLIKELY CRIMINAL IS EXPOSED - The All-American boy next door. A church-going grandmother. A devoted brother. They were respected role models and trusted members of their community - until the day each of them was charged with a shocking crime. The series shines a light on some UNUSUAL SUSPECTS, showing that even the nicest neighbor can have a sinister side. From vengeful family members to a corrupt officer patrolling the roads, UNUSUAL SUSPECTS profiles those you would least expect to be capable of committing such dark deeds. Each one-hour episode of UNUSUAL SUSPECTS showcases some of the most baffling and challenging cases in contemporary law enforcement, and commends the unwavering investigations that led to the arrest of these unlikely culprits. Featuring in-depth interviews from some of America's top investigative forces, viewers find out how these illusive offenders evaded justice for years, and how persistent police work and a passion for justice ultimately got them caught.


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New Years Evil

Episode 1

When a popular young woman turns up murdered in Lancaster... Read more

Silent Night

Episode 2

A young woman is found murdered in her Portland, OR... Read more

Ashes To Ashes

Episode 3

When an eight-year old Ocean Shores, WA girl is found... Read more

Vicious Voyeur

Episode 4

The killer of a young North Carolina woman keeps police... Read more

Drive With Danger

Episode 5

A friendly night out ends in a shallow grave for... Read more

Knives And Lies

Episode 6

When a well-liked teenage boy is found stabbed to death... Read more

Last Curtain Call

Episode 7

Like in one of his old Hollywood westerns, a former... Read more

Murder Down Memory Lane

Episode 8

After a young girl describes her mother's killer as being... Read more

Housebound Homicide

Episode 9

The police manage to track down the killer of a... Read more

Kill Now, Pay Later

Episode 10

When an arrest is made in the contract killing of... Read more

End Of The Line

Episode 11

After a college freshman is found raped and murdered, a... Read more

Final Lesson

Episode 12

In Santa Monica, California, a man who killed an art... Read more

Stone Cold Fusion

Episode 13

The leading advocate for the controversial science of cold fusion... Read more

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