Undercover Boss (US)
Undercover Boss (US)



First Aired

Feb 07, 2010


Undercover Boss (US)


Network: CBS

Status: Running


In this hidden-camera show an executive goes undercover in his or her own company to get a raw look at how people really work. This is the US version of the show, which is based on the format originated in the UK version.


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Modell's Sporting Goods

Episode 1

Modell's Sporting Goods CEO Mitchell B. Modell goes under cover. Read more

Tilted Kilt

Episode 2

Tilted Kilt President Ron Lynch goes under cover. Read more

Cinnabon Inc.

Episode 3

Cinnabon Inc. President Kat Cole goes under cover. Read more

Diamond Resorts: Take 2

Episode 4

Diamond Resorts International CEO Stephen J. Cloobeck goes under cover... Read more


Episode 5

When PostNet CEO Steve Greenbaum goes under cover, he meets... Read more

Mood Media

Episode 6

Mood Media CEO faces his fear of heights and learns... Read more

Kampgrounds Of America

Episode 7

Kampgrounds of America CEO Jim Rogers goes under cover and... Read more

Moe's Southwest Grill

Episode 8

Moe's Southwest Grill President Paul Damico goes under cover and... Read more

Boston Market

Episode 9

While Boston Market Chief Brand Officer Sara Bittorf is under... Read more

O'Neill Clothing

Episode 10

While he is undercover, O'Neill Clothing CEO Toby Bost is... Read more

Squaw Valley

Episode 11

CEO Andy Wirth, of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, goes... Read more


Episode 12

When Fatburger CEO Andy Wiederhorn goes under cover he learns... Read more


Episode 13

When ADT Chief Marketing and Customer Officer Tony Wells goes... Read more

Retro Fitness

Episode 14

Retro Fitness CEO Eric Casaburi goes under cover and encounters... Read more


Episode 15

Rollins, Inc., President John Wilson tackles a major cockroach infestation... Read more

Epic Employees

Episode 16

Intriguing employees featured in past episodes discuss how the show... Read more

Epic Bosses

Episode 17

Intriguing bosses from past episodes discuss how the show impacted... Read more

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