First Aired

Apr 11, 2010




Network: HBO

Status: Ended


From the creators of The Wire, Treme explores the lives of several struggling musicians and other New Orleans locals in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


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Accentuate the Positive

Episode 1

New Orleans' recovery continues as Season 2 begins on Nov.... Read more

Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky

Episode 2

Despite her reluctance to take on new cases, Toni helps... Read more

On Your Way Down

Episode 3

Toni's investigation of a post-Katrina casualty gets more confusing at... Read more

Santa Claus, Do You Ever Get the Blues?

Episode 4

Aunt Mimi and Davis form a record company and sign... Read more

Slip Away

Episode 5

Lt. Colson worries about the quality of the police department's... Read more

Feels Like Rain

Episode 6

News of Jacques' troubles reaches Janette; Nelson does a favor... Read more

Carnival Time

Episode 7

As Carnival arrives in New Orleans, Albert unveils his new... Read more

Can I Change My Mind?

Episode 8

Davis' band debuts, but Annie is hesitant to perform her... Read more

What is New Orleans?

Episode 9

Davis is upstaged by an up-and-coming rapper; Albert's attention to... Read more

That's What Lovers Do

Episode 10

Janette gets a new nickname; Toni relies on Colson for... Read more

Do Watcha Wanna

Episode 11

Jazz Fest takes center stage in New Orleans, giving Treme... Read more

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