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Jun 04, 2009




Network: Comedy Central (US)

Status: Running


With razor sharp wit and biting commentary, comedian Daniel Tosh delves into all aspects of the Internet from the absolutely absurd to the incredibly ingenious in this new weekly, topical series, Tosh.0 goes deep into the Web, spinning commentary about blogs and vlogs both popular and obscure, tweets and pokes, popular sites and new technologies. In addition, the series will feature viral clips of the week, premiere its own original videos created by and starring well-known actors and comedians, as well as highlight a weekly viewer's choice video.


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David After the Dentist

Episode 1

The season 2 premiere of Tosh 2.0 is bigger and... Read more

Crystal Light Dancers

Episode 2

Web Reunion: Crystal Light dancers. Daniel checks to see if... Read more

Risky Business

Episode 3

Tosh helps the "Risky Business" girls redeem themselves by recreating... Read more

Friendly Tackle

Episode 4

The football player who tackled his own teammate gets a... Read more

Average Homeboy

Episode 5

Tosh and Bizzy Bone help the Average Homeboy take on... Read more

Prom Girl

Episode 6

Tosh tries to redeem a girl who fell down the... Read more

Hood Rat Kid

Episode 7

This weeks web redemption is Hoodrat Kid. Daniel explores chat... Read more

Crying Sorority Girl

Episode 8

This weeks web redemption is Make it snow girl. Read more

Phillies Fan

Episode 9

This weeks web redemption is the Phillies Fan's Daughter. Read more

The LARPer

Episode 10

Web Redemption for a LARPer, known for his "lightning bolts";... Read more

Look at This Horse Guy

Episode 11

Daniel's "I Hate" video; tweeting summer plans; Web Redemption for... Read more

“What What (In the Butt)” (Remix)

Episode 12

Tommy Lee plays drums on several women and Tosh's breasts... Read more

Stuck in an Elevator

Episode 13

Daniel gives the guy who was stuck in an elevator... Read more

Cartwheeling Goalie

Episode 14

Web Redemption for the cartwheeling goalie; Amazon Amanda; Daniel gets... Read more

Looking for a Girlfriend

Episode 15

Web Redemption for the "Looking for a girlfriend" kid. Spanish... Read more

WoW Freakout

Episode 16

Daniel interrogates the World of Warcraft freakout kid with Police... Read more

Worst Comedian Ever

Episode 17

Daniel gives the "Worst Comedian Ever" a web redemption, plays... Read more

Bad Weatherman

Episode 18

Daniel gives the Awful Weatherman a Web Redemption, reunites with... Read more

Peter Pan Girls

Episode 19

Daniel gives the Peter Pan girls a web redemption, spends... Read more

Angry Black Preacher

Episode 20

Daniel brings the Angry Black Preacher back to the pulpit... Read more

“American Idol” Girls

Episode 21

Daniel gives the American Idol girls a web redemption, visits... Read more

Double Rainbow Guy

Episode 22

Daniel talks to his exact opposite, yells some ridiculous things... Read more

“I Like Turtles” Kid

Episode 23

Daniel gives the "I Like Turtles" kid a web redemption... Read more

Reporter Who Can't Break Glass

Episode 24

Web Redemption for the Reporter Who Can't Break Glass, why... Read more

Perfect Internet Video

Episode 25

Season finale. Daniel reflects on all the lives he changed... Read more

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