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Jun 04, 2009




Network: Comedy Central (US)

Status: Running


With razor sharp wit and biting commentary, comedian Daniel Tosh delves into all aspects of the Internet from the absolutely absurd to the incredibly ingenious in this new weekly, topical series, Tosh.0 goes deep into the Web, spinning commentary about blogs and vlogs both popular and obscure, tweets and pokes, popular sites and new technologies. In addition, the series will feature viral clips of the week, premiere its own original videos created by and starring well-known actors and comedians, as well as highlight a weekly viewer's choice video.


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Afro Ninja

Episode 1

Web Redemption for Afro Ninja;[3] Dave Attell and Bree Olson... Read more

Miss Teen South Carolina

Episode 2

Videos include a fat gunman, little person Olympics, a sexy... Read more

News Puke Kid

Episode 3

Videos include toe-thumbs, yelling goats, ottoman humping, and unsung heroes... Read more

Take a Tumble

Episode 4

Videos include evil babies, Heidi and Spencer, water slides, and... Read more

Chris Crocker

Episode 5

Videos include a church freakout, Christoper Walken impersonators, a baseball... Read more

Balloon Guy Bill

Episode 6

Web Redemption for Balloon Guy Bill Monroe; Jack McBrayer celebrity... Read more

Worst Best Man

Episode 7

This weeks celebrity video is Harland Williams. This weeks web... Read more

“Why Must I Cry?”

Episode 8

This weeks celebrity video is Kristin Cavallari. This weeks web... Read more

Dizzy Dunk

Episode 9

This weeks celebrity video is Tommy Chong. This weeks web... Read more

Skateboard Girl

Episode 10

Web Redemption for girl who falls off skateboard; responses to... Read more

Tron Guy

Episode 11

Web Redemption for Tron Guy; an interview with YouTube phenom... Read more

Backyard Wrestler

Episode 12

Web Redemption for Backyard Wrestler; Daniel goes to Adultcon to... Read more

Crying Giants Fan

Episode 13

Web Redemption for Crying Giants Fan. Read more

N64 Kid

Episode 14

Daniel shows us the most disgusting thing you've ever seen... Read more

Trampled Cheerleader

Episode 15

The trampled cheerleader gets another chance to "work it, hey... Read more

Ladder Fail Guy

Episode 16

In the first season finale, Daniel gives a web redemption... Read more

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