The Ricky Gervais Show
The Ricky Gervais Show



First Aired

Feb 19, 2010


The Ricky Gervais Show


Network: HBO

Status: Ended


Based on the series of podcasts that Gervais did with longtime partner Stephen Merchant, this comedy team convenes to bring HBO an animated series about their hilarious friend Karl Pilkington.


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Clive Warren

Episode 1

Topics include Karl description of his recent pitch to a... Read more


Episode 2

A listener's e-mail asks what Karl would do with his... Read more

The Fly

Episode 3

Ricky reads little-known facts to Karl; Karl recounts medical news;... Read more


Episode 4

Topics include interesting facts about animals; the brain’s role in... Read more


Episode 5

Topics include Karl's encounters with insects; optimal animal sizes; "Inside... Read more


Episode 6

Topics include Karl's bout with kidney stones; living things that... Read more

Night Club

Episode 7

Karl considers the height of actor Warwick Davis; Stephen discusses... Read more


Episode 8

Topics include Karl's thoughts on academics' predictions for the future;... Read more

Natural History

Episode 9

Topics include the value of discovering new species; Ricky's idea... Read more

Leg Rubber

Episode 10

Topics include Karl's opinion of a science report about blind... Read more

Mrs. Battersby

Episode 11

Topics include the two sides of the brain and ESP;... Read more


Episode 12

Topics include art; and suggested adaptations of literature and film... Read more


Episode 13

Topics for the second-season finale include virtual reality, happiness and... Read more

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