The Restoration Man
The Restoration Man


Documentary,Home and Garden

First Aired

Mar 21, 2010


The Restoration Man


Network: Channel 4

Status: Running


George Clarke is The Restoration Man, travelling the British Isles meeting the stubborn romantics who want to breathe new life into the architectural treasures he unearths on his journey. His mission is to help them transform these undervalued gems into brand new homes fit for 21st century living.


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Berkshire Pumping Station

Episode 1

George Clarke returns for a new series of the show... Read more

Cheshire Water Tower 2017

Episode 2

George Clarke meets Cheshire couple Andrew Jones and Michele Gibbons,... Read more

Lancashire Water Filtration Plant

Episode 3

In Lancashire, Matt Whittle and his father-in-law-to-be Mike Readfern pool... Read more

Church Hall Barn 2017

Episode 4

George Clarke follows Jude McKelvey as she restores a dilapidated... Read more

Old Fisherman's Church Revisit 2017

Episode 5

George catches up with Neil and Jackie at their old... Read more

HMS Owl Revisit 2017

Episode 6

George Clarke catches up on a tricky, cash-strapped restoration of... Read more

Thrum Mill Second Revisit 2017

Episode 7

George Clarke makes a second return to an epic, meticulous... Read more

Methodist Church Revisit 2017

Episode 8

George catches up with Mark and Laura and their spectacular... Read more

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