The Restoration Man
The Restoration Man


Documentary,Home and Garden

First Aired

Mar 21, 2010


The Restoration Man


Network: Channel 4

Status: Running


George Clarke is The Restoration Man, travelling the British Isles meeting the stubborn romantics who want to breathe new life into the architectural treasures he unearths on his journey. His mission is to help them transform these undervalued gems into brand new homes fit for 21st century living.


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Reeds Windmill, Kent

Episode 1

After years of living away from their families, Pete and... Read more

Water Tower, Congleton, Cheshire

Episode 2

George meets architect Andy and his girlfriend Ana, who are... Read more

Church, Eden Valley

Episode 3

Scientist Phil Evans and his wife Joanne have taken a... Read more

Engine House, Oxfordshire

Episode 4

George Clarke meets Tim and Emma Verdon, who want to... Read more

Towers Revisit

Episode 5

George revisits two stubborn romantics with their dreams of converting... Read more

Medieval Hall Revisited

Episode 6

George Clarke revisits Simon Hooper and his partner Victoria in... Read more

Water Tower, Settle

Episode 7

Mark Rand and his wife Pat's dreams of converting a... Read more

Chapel, Pembrokeshire Revisit

Episode 8

George revisits Gareth and his family in their restored Victorian... Read more

Bathlodge, Ormskirk Revisit

Episode 9

Architect George Clarke returns to Ormskirk after two years to... Read more

Ice House, Scotland Revisit

Episode 10

Architect George Clarke returns to a remote 19th century Scottish... Read more

Gothic Church, Pennines Revisit

Episode 11

Architect George Clarke catches up with Joanne McGirr and Phil... Read more

Oast House

Episode 12

George meets James and Lois Denning, who inherited an historic... Read more

Berneray Church, Outer Hebrides

Episode 13

Using an inheritance from his late father, artist Keith McIntyre... Read more

Longhurst Lodge, Surrey

Episode 14

It was love at first sight when theatre producer Vanessa... Read more

Thrum Water Mill

Episode 15

Four years ago Dave and Margaret came across a picture... Read more

Preachers Pig Barn

Episode 16

David and Judith Ward take up the challenge of restoring... Read more

Bemeray Church, Outer Hebrides Revisit

Episode 17

Clarke returns to Berneray to catch up with Keith and... Read more

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