The Mentalist
The Mentalist



First Aired

Sep 23, 2008


The Mentalist


Network: CBS

Status: Ended


When mentalist Patrick Jane insults a vengeful serial killer, Red John, his loved ones are brutally killed. Faced with the horrifying consequences of misusing his gift for observation and misdirection, Jane lends his skills to the California Bureau of Investigation, all the while hoping that his connections within the CBI will give him the opportunity to track down and revenge himself upon Red John.



Episode 1

This episode introduces us to the complex life of Patrick... Read more

Red Hair and Silver Tape

Episode 2

Jane orchestrates his own undercover operation using Van Pelt as... Read more

Red Tide

Episode 3

When a body washes ashore on the beach, Patrick sets... Read more

Ladies in Red

Episode 4

The team discovers that a wealthy investment banker found murdered... Read more


Episode 5

A girl found covered in blood with the murder weapon... Read more

Red Handed

Episode 6

Jane uses the murder investigation of a casino owner as... Read more

Seeing Red

Episode 7

Patrick stages a seance to prove that a supposed psychic,... Read more

The Thin Red Line

Episode 8

Patrick Jane sees his own suspect, with a different motive,... Read more

Flame Red

Episode 9

A murder in a small town is investigated and soon... Read more

Red Brick and Ivy

Episode 10

Patrick takes a personal interest in the case of a... Read more

Red John's Friends

Episode 11

Patrick Jane, enticed by the promise from a convicted murder... Read more

Red Rum

Episode 12

Patrick Jane sets a mentalist trap to find out who... Read more

Paint It Red

Episode 13

While it appears obvious that a business tycoon's son-in-law was... Read more

Crimson Casanova

Episode 14

Patrick helps Cho go under cover as a ladies man... Read more

Scarlett Fever

Episode 15

As Jane and the team investigate the poisoning death of... Read more


Episode 16

Patrick Jane must rely on his other senses during the... Read more

Carnelian Inc.

Episode 17

A story of greed and betrayal pits Patrick Jane against... Read more

Russet Potatoes

Episode 18

Patrick Jane and the CBI team track down a mastermind... Read more

A Dozen Red Roses

Episode 19

Patrick Jane and the team go to Hollywood when they... Read more

Red Sauce

Episode 20

Patrick Jane and the CBI team investigate the murder of... Read more

Miss Red

Episode 21

Patrick Jane uses his mentalist skills to play suspects off... Read more

Blood Brothers

Episode 22

Patrick Jane must find a clever way to convince the... Read more

Red John's Footsteps

Episode 23

Lisbon fears that the serial killer Red John is drawing... Read more

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