The Little Couple
The Little Couple



First Aired

May 26, 2009


The Little Couple


Network: TLC

Status: Continuing


Picking up where the special "Little People: Just Married" left off, this series follows newlyweds Bill Klein, a successful businessman, and Jen Arnold, a pediatrician, as they embark on their life together. Both under four feet tall, they face not only the struggles of two little people in a world built for folks of average size, but they also move to a new city, buy a home and think about starting a family.


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The Golden Son

Episode 1

Bill and Jen are anxious to start their family and... Read more

And His Name Is...

Episode 2

Jen and Bill are officially matched with a little boy... Read more

An Adoption Twist

Episode 3

Baby-proofing the home; Jen gets some adoption news that could... Read more

Baby Proofing

Episode 4

Bill and Jen receive final approval from the Chinese government... Read more

Countdown to China

Episode 5

Bill and Jen are just days away from picking up... Read more

Road to Parenthood

Episode 6

Jen and Bill reflect on their journey as they leave... Read more

William, Here We Come!

Episode 7

Jen and Bill are flying to China to meet their... Read more

Best Day Yet!

Episode 8

Jen and Bill nervously wait to meet their son William... Read more

Finally a Family

Episode 9

Before the couple can leave China with their new son,... Read more

Welcome Home, Will!

Episode 10

After traveling around the world to get their new son... Read more

Our Five Year Anniversary

Episode 11

The couple celebrates a five-year anniversary in St. Petersburg; Will... Read more

Family Fun in Florida

Episode 12

Jen and Bill bring Will to meet the Klein family... Read more

Back to Work

Episode 13

Jen and Bill have been parents for several weeks and... Read more

CheckUp Time

Episode 14

Will goes to see the experts on his skeletal condition;... Read more

A Mother's Day Surprise

Episode 15

Jen is stuck working at the hospital on her first... Read more

Will on Wheels

Episode 16

Jen decides to surprise Will with a new tricycle; Bill... Read more

Bill's First Father's Day

Episode 17

Jen has some surprises planned for Bill's first Father's Day;... Read more

Will's First Surgery

Episode 18

Bill and Jen knew Will would be faced with various... Read more

Time Out for Will

Episode 19

The couple receives promising news from India about their pending... Read more

Making a Splash

Episode 20

Will navigates his new home with confidence; with the hazards... Read more

Countdown to India

Episode 21

The Little Couple's family is about to get bigger as... Read more

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