The Little Couple
The Little Couple



First Aired

May 26, 2009


The Little Couple


Network: TLC

Status: Continuing


Picking up where the special "Little People: Just Married" left off, this series follows newlyweds Bill Klein, a successful businessman, and Jen Arnold, a pediatrician, as they embark on their life together. Both under four feet tall, they face not only the struggles of two little people in a world built for folks of average size, but they also move to a new city, buy a home and think about starting a family.


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Third Times a Charm

Episode 1

The discovery of two fertile eggs leave Bill and Jen... Read more

Any Way We Want It

Episode 2

Bill and Jen travel to Atlanta to speak about adapting... Read more

Yee Haw

Episode 3

Jen and her parents check out the legendary Houston Rodeo. Read more

Off The Deep End

Episode 4

Jen is on a 24 hour call for work; Bill... Read more

The Home Stretch

Episode 5

Jen's mom is in town for her birthday; Bill makes... Read more

Dr. Arnold Goes to Washington

Episode 6

Jen is asked to give a keynote speech at a... Read more

Hooray For Hollywood

Episode 7

Jen and Bill fly to Los Angeles for a quick... Read more

It's Valentine's Day?

Episode 8

Tension is high as Jen and Bill wait for Jen's... Read more

In Laws! Incoming!

Episode 9

Jen's parents are moving to Houston but need to find... Read more

Another Egg-Cellent Attempt

Episode 10

After a long day in the NICU, Jen and Bill... Read more

Big Apple Anniversary

Episode 11

Jen and Bill are celebrating their third anniversary in New... Read more

New House Delays

Episode 12

Several delays prevent Jen and Bill from moving into their... Read more

The Match Game

Episode 13

Bill and Jen are asked to speak to kids about... Read more

Will You Be My Surrogate?

Episode 14

The road to becoming parents has been a long one... Read more

See You Later, Alligator?

Episode 15

Jen works with a local interior designer while Bill goes... Read more

Uncle Bill

Episode 16

The Little Couple heads to Florida to meet the newest... Read more

Mother Knows Best

Episode 17

Jen's mom, Judy, is in town to help the Little... Read more

There's No Place Called Home

Episode 18

Jen and Bill have been living in a hotel, but... Read more

You Bowl Me Over

Episode 19

Jen, Bill, Judy, Dave and their five dogs are still... Read more

Home at Last

Episode 20

After almost two years of waiting, the Little Couple is... Read more

Its All By Design

Episode 21

After years of waiting, the Little Couple is on the... Read more

Start of Something Big

Episode 22

Bill and Jen must decide if they are willing to... Read more

A Little More Q&A

Episode 23

Bill and Jen take viewer questions; an inside view of... Read more

Are We Pregnant

Episode 24

Bill and Jen's embryos have thawed and now it's time... Read more

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