The Little Couple
The Little Couple



First Aired

May 26, 2009


The Little Couple


Network: TLC

Status: Continuing


Picking up where the special "Little People: Just Married" left off, this series follows newlyweds Bill Klein, a successful businessman, and Jen Arnold, a pediatrician, as they embark on their life together. Both under four feet tall, they face not only the struggles of two little people in a world built for folks of average size, but they also move to a new city, buy a home and think about starting a family.


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Breaking New Ground

Episode 1

After seeing Bill with his brand new look for summer,... Read more

Testing, Testing

Episode 2

Bill and Jen meet with Dr. Hickman at Houston IVF... Read more

There's an Art to It

Episode 3

Bill and Jen decide to have a low-key celebration for... Read more

Runway Dreams

Episode 4

Bill and Jen head to their first ever fashion show... Read more

Spotlight on Jen

Episode 5

Bill joins Jen on a trip to Atlanta where she... Read more

It's Comedy Tonight!

Episode 6

Bill and Jen are in New York City to celebrate... Read more

A House Taking Shape

Episode 7

Bill and Jen begin to get excited over the design... Read more

A Little FAQ

Episode 8

Bill and Jen reflect over the past three seasons of... Read more

Just the Facts, Please

Episode 9

Bill gives his first ever keynote speech at a sales... Read more

New House, New Hormones!

Episode 10

Jen and Bill check up on the construction of their... Read more

Cruisin' to the Caribbean

Episode 11

Bill's brother invites Bill, Jen, and the entire family on... Read more

We Have a Project

Episode 12

Jen's parents consider moving to Houston with the prospect of... Read more

Rocky's Companion

Episode 13

Jen's hip pain keeps her from helping on chore day;... Read more

What's Up, Doctors?

Episode 14

Bill and Jen are headed to Los Angeles for Jen's... Read more

Great Egg-Spectations

Episode 15

Jen and Bill are in LA for their first attempt... Read more

Las Vegas Tails

Episode 16

Jen, Bill and the pets are in Las Vegas to... Read more

24 Hours in the NICU

Episode 17

Jen is in the NICU for a 24 hour on... Read more

Pushing The House Forward

Episode 18

Jen is needed on a case at the hospital leaving... Read more

This Changes Everything

Episode 19

A big week for the couple; Bill's parents are in... Read more

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