The Kids in the Hall Death Comes to Town
The Kids in the Hall Death Comes to Town



First Aired

Jan 12, 2010


The Kids in the Hall Death Comes to Town


Network: CBC (CA)

Status: Ended


Death Comes to Town is a Canadian television series, scheduled to debut January 12, 2010 on CBC Television. A reunion project for the influential comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall, the series is an eight-episode comedic murder mystery which the Kids describe as "Corner Gas meets Twin Peaks". Unlike the sketch comedy format of the Kids' earlier series, Death Comes to Town follows a narrative sitcom format which Dave Foley has acknowledged is inspired in part by the British comedy series The League of Gentlemen


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Death Checks In

Episode 1

The 27,000 residents of Shuckton, Ontario are awaiting word via... Read more

Who Mailed Our Mayor?

Episode 2

Following the murder of Mayor Larry Bowman, Dusty, the coroner... Read more

The Stages of Grief

Episode 3

The police officially charge Crim with the murder of Mayor... Read more

Big City Smackdown

Episode 4

Marilyn Bowman begins her first day as Mayor, only to... Read more

The Butterfly is to Blame

Episode 5

Heather is released from jail due to lack of evidence.... Read more

Cause of Death

Episode 6

Corrinda is taken in for questioning concerning Heather's death, but... Read more

Serious Shockey News

Episode 7

Dusty is caught with his pants down and Larry's corpse... Read more

Dead Man Walking

Episode 8

Mayor Marilyn ties to put a positive spin on the... Read more

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