The Fresh Beat Band
The Fresh Beat Band



First Aired

Aug 24, 2009


The Fresh Beat Band


Network: Nickelodeon

Status: Ended


This show follows Marina, Kiki, Twist, and Shout who are in a band who go to music school together and love to sing and dance and go on adventures!


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Circus Mojo

Episode 1

The Fresh Beats save the circus by performing in it. Read more

Honk Honk

Episode 2

Fresh Beats build a new car from 57 boxes. Read more

Camping With the Stars

Episode 3

Twist goes camping for the first time. Read more

Singin' in the Rain

Episode 4

Fresh Beats make it rain so Marina can play along... Read more

Back to School

Episode 5

The Fresh Beats reminisce about their favorite songs on the... Read more

Jungle Jazz

Episode 6

Fresh Beats help a plant find a home after it... Read more

Balloon Buddy

Episode 7

Fresh Beats discover a friendly balloon who likes to conga. Read more

Presto Pants

Episode 8

Twist and Shout build mechanical dancing pants. Read more

Giant Pumpkin

Episode 9

Shout grows a giant pumpkin to bring to a festival. Read more

The Case of the Missing Violin

Episode 10

Fresh Beats search for Kiki's missing violin. Read more

Fresh Beats in Toyland

Episode 11

Twist has a dream where the Fresh Beats are toys... Read more

Zydeco Music Parade

Episode 12

Fresh Beats go on a road trip and create their... Read more

Car Wash Dance

Episode 13

Fresh Beats do a car wash dance to clean their... Read more

Follow the Leader

Episode 14

Twist leads the Fresh Beats as conductor of the orchestra. Read more

Kiki's Kickin' Chorus

Episode 15

The Fresh Beats put a chorus together to sing a... Read more

Drum Party

Episode 16

The Fresh Beats throw a surprise birthday party for Marina. Read more

Mixed Up Musical

Episode 17

The Fresh Beats sing songs and make a musical. Read more

Band In A Jam Part 1

Episode 18

The Fresh Beats get stuck backstage at a concert and... Read more

Band In A Jam Part 2

Episode 19

The Fresh Beats get stuck backstage at a concert and... Read more

Step It Up

Episode 20

The Fresh Beats enter a stepping competition. Read more

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