The Facts of Life
The Facts of Life



First Aired

Aug 24, 1979


The Facts of Life


Network: NBC

Status: Ended


Charlotte Rae stars as a dietician and house mother at a private girls' boarding school, watching over students Blair, Tootie, Natalie and Jo.


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Out of Peekskill (1)

Episode 1

Mrs. Garrett must decided between her two loves, the girls... Read more

Out of Peekskill (2)

Episode 2

In spite of a scare at Depressed Person's Cliff, Mrs.... Read more

Ready or Not

Episode 3

Beverly Ann is concerned that Tootie is getting much too... Read more

Another Room

Episode 4

Fed up with having no privacy, Jo considers moving out,... Read more

Off-Broadway Baby

Episode 5

Beverly Ann and the girls head for New York, when... Read more

The Little Chill

Episode 6

Blair, Tootie and Natalie organize a reunion with the girls... Read more

The Ratings Game

Episode 7

Blair's computerized date-rating system is the focus when she makes... Read more

The Wedding Day

Episode 8

Jo offers to marry an illegal alien in order to... Read more

Fast Food

Episode 9

Natalie gets Blair a job at a Mexican restaurant where... Read more

Where's Poppa?

Episode 10

A disconsolate Blair locks herself in the bedroom after her... Read more

Write and Wrong

Episode 11

A furious Natalie is determined to identify and sue the... Read more

Seven Little Indians

Episode 12

In this fantasy episode, a cross between ""The Twilight Zone""... Read more

The Greek Connection

Episode 13

Assigned by the paper to get the inside dirt on... Read more

Post-Christmas Card

Episode 14

As a post-Christmas gift, Natalie gets her first credit card,... Read more

A Star is Torn

Episode 15

Cinnamon, who bested Tootie in the audition for a Broadway... Read more

A Winter's Tale

Episode 16

The girls are snowed in at a ski cabin with... Read more

Cupid's Revenge

Episode 17

Cupid can be perverse: all the girls old boyfriends happen... Read more

62 Pick-Up

Episode 18

Fabian and Bobby Rydell visit the girls, and together they... Read more

Boy About the House

Episode 19

Beverly is sick of seeing Andy shuttled from one foster... Read more

Ex Marks the Spot

Episode 20

Beverly Ann's ex shows up unexpectedly, hoping for a reconciliation. Read more

Younger Than Springtime

Episode 21

Jo is unhappy that Blair is playing matchmaker for Jo's... Read more

This is Only a Test

Episode 22

Blair discovers that even she can't buy admission to law... Read more

Rites of Passage (1)

Episode 23

After her commencement speech is rejected, Jo refuses to make... Read more

Rites of Passage (2)

Episode 24

Summer offers a variety of options for everyone, especially Jo,... Read more

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