The Facts of Life
The Facts of Life



First Aired

Aug 24, 1979


The Facts of Life


Network: NBC

Status: Ended


Charlotte Rae stars as a dietician and house mother at a private girls' boarding school, watching over students Blair, Tootie, Natalie and Jo.


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The Summer of '84

Episode 1

Mrs. Garrett and the girls share their summer vacations: ... Read more

Slices of Life

Episode 2

Jo begins a pizza business with her mom's secret pizza... Read more

Love at First Byte

Episode 3

With computer dating as the subject of her term paper,... Read more

My Boyfriend's Back

Episode 4

Tootie's first date with Jeff since he started college leaves... Read more


Episode 5

On a dateless Saturday night, the girls cruise downtown Peekskill... Read more

Taking a Chance on Love (1)

Episode 6

Rumors spead about Jo's involvement with her professor and indeed,... Read more

Taking a Chance on Love (2)

Episode 7

Jo and Sam's relationship grows more serious despite the fact... Read more

E.G.O.C. (Edna Garrett on Campus)

Episode 8

Mrs. Garrett enrolls in a Shakespeare class, but worries that... Read more

Dear Apple

Episode 9

Jo discusses her friendship with Blair...with a computer. Read more

Talk, Talk, Talk

Episode 10

While working at the campus radio station, Jo finds herself... Read more


Episode 11

Natalie is nervous after an interview for a job she... Read more

The Rich Aren't Different

Episode 12

Jo borrows one of Blair's watches and later breaks it.... Read more

Christmas in the Big House

Episode 13

For the Christmas season, Blair and some of her snobby... Read more

Me and Eleanor

Episode 14

A no-win situation: Tootie asks Natalie for an honest... Read more

Working it Out

Episode 15

Mrs. Garrett and the girls all become concerned about Blair's... Read more


Episode 16

The death of a famous jazz singer brings back fond... Read more

Two Guys From Appleton

Episode 17

Mrs. Garrett receives a visit from the high-school sweetheart she... Read more

With a Little Help From My Friends

Episode 18

Blair is concerned when she discovers her date is doing... Read more

Gone With the Wind (1)

Episode 19

The girls have no plans for spring break until Natalie... Read more

Gone With the Wind (2)

Episode 20

On spring break in Fort Lauderdale and to the surprise... Read more

Man in the Attic

Episode 21

Kevin, forced to leave his apartment, moves into the attic... Read more

The Last Drive-In

Episode 22

The local drive-in theatre is closing and the girls decide... Read more


Episode 23

During an alumni weekend at Langley, Blair's mother and Jo's... Read more

It's Lonely at the Top

Episode 24

With Mrs. Garrett out of town, Blair wants to be... Read more

Bus Stop

Episode 25

Mrs. Garrett and the girls are all excited about Natalie's... Read more

The Interview Show

Episode 26

A former Eastland girl, now an author, interviews the girls... Read more

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