The Facts of Life
The Facts of Life



First Aired

Aug 24, 1979


The Facts of Life


Network: NBC

Status: Ended


Charlotte Rae stars as a dietician and house mother at a private girls' boarding school, watching over students Blair, Tootie, Natalie and Jo.


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Growing Pains

Episode 1

When Blair, Natalie and Jo tease Tootie for being the... Read more

Fear Strikes Back

Episode 2

Natalie is attacked while returning from a party and develops... Read more

A Baby in the House

Episode 3

Ex-Eastlander Alison, now married with a baby daughter, visits. But... Read more

A Friend in Deed

Episode 4

Blair discovers that her mother may have breast cancer. Read more

Front Page

Episode 5

Burned by her journalism teacher's scathing criticism, Jo turns out... Read more

Give and Take

Episode 6

When Mrs. Garrett learns that her pension fund is gone,... Read more

Sweet Sorrow

Episode 7

Jo learns that she's growing apart from her boyfriend when... Read more

From Russia with Love

Episode 8

Natalie's romantic escapade is cancelled when her meddling grandmother drops... Read more

Dear Me

Episode 9

To avoid a campout with boys, Tootie writes love letters... Read more

Cousin Geri Returns

Episode 10

Blair's cousin Geri dates the school's French teacher, but Blair... Read more


Episode 11

A large sum from Blair's grandfather's estate is being donated... Read more

Green-Eyed Monster

Episode 12

Natalie and Tootie feud over the lead role in the... Read more

The Americanization of Miko

Episode 13

The strict father of new Japanese student Miko comes down... Read more

The Marriage Brokers

Episode 14

A mysterious visitor from Mrs. Garrett's past appears, and when... Read more


Episode 15

Tootie wins tickets to a Jermaine Jackson concert and meets... Read more

The Four Musketeers

Episode 16

Mrs. Garrett tells the girls that their debt has been... Read more

The Affair

Episode 17

In a New York restaurant, Natalie sees her father... Read more


Episode 18

Tootie becomes lost in New York City and befriends a... Read more

New York, New York

Episode 19

Blair and Jo visit old friends in New York but... Read more

Kids Can Be Cruel

Episode 20

Natalie becomes furious with Blair when Blair discloses Natalie's... Read more

Mind Your Own Business

Episode 21

Blair reads Natalie's diary and discovers that Natalie thinks Blair... Read more

The Academy

Episode 22

Jo fixes a friend up with Blair, but Blair thinks... Read more

Jo's Cousin

Episode 23

Jo's cousin, a 14-year-old lovesick tomboy, seeks her help, and... Read more

Read No Evil

Episode 24

The girls take a stand against the banning of books... Read more

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