The Facts of Life
The Facts of Life



First Aired

Aug 24, 1979


The Facts of Life


Network: NBC

Status: Ended


Charlotte Rae stars as a dietician and house mother at a private girls' boarding school, watching over students Blair, Tootie, Natalie and Jo.


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The New Girl: Part 1

Episode 1

The new school year brings a new student, Jo, a... Read more

The New Girl (2)

Episode 2

Mrs. Garrett bails the girls out of jail, but to... Read more

Double Standard

Episode 3

Blair is sure that an old friend is going to... Read more

Who Am I?

Episode 4

Tootie's new love interest causes her to focus on her... Read more

Cousin Geri

Episode 5

When Blair's cousin Geri, who has cerebral palsy, arrives for... Read more


Episode 6

It's Edna's birthday and the girls want to buy her... Read more

Teenage Marriage (1)

Episode 7

Jo's boyfriend, Eddie, surprises her by making a sudden visit... Read more

Teenage Marriage (2)

Episode 8

Jo is unsure about Eddie's marriage proposal but finally decides... Read more


Episode 9

Gossip causes trouble all over Eastland. Tootie lets a secret... Read more

Breaking Point

Episode 10

Blair is running for class president but things get out... Read more

Sex Symbol

Episode 11

Natalie hits it off with Neil, a boy she meets... Read more

The Secret

Episode 12

Jo learns that her jailbird father is getting paroled and... Read more

Pretty Babies

Episode 13

Blair is selling Countess Calvet cosmetics and enlists Natalie's help... Read more

Free Spirit

Episode 14

A top fashion photographer visits Eastland to find the "Face... Read more

Bought and Sold

Episode 15

Mrs. Garrett's musician son Alex visits, with tales of his... Read more

Brian and Sylvia

Episode 16

Tootie and Natalie visit Tootie's aunt Sylvia. However, they... Read more

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