The Facts of Life
The Facts of Life



First Aired

Aug 24, 1979


The Facts of Life


Network: NBC

Status: Ended


Charlotte Rae stars as a dietician and house mother at a private girls' boarding school, watching over students Blair, Tootie, Natalie and Jo.


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Rough Housing

Episode 1

The series opens with the Drummonds (from Diff'rent Strokes) visiting... Read more

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Episode 2

It's Parents' Night at Eastland and Blair's sophisticated but flirtatious... Read more

The Return of Mr. Garrett

Episode 3

Mrs. Garrett is surprised by a visit from her ex-husband,... Read more


Episode 4

Tootie comes across a paper listing the girls' I.Q. scores.... Read more


Episode 5

Tootie's father visits but doesn't like Tootie's activities, blaming... Read more

Emily Dickinson

Episode 6

Blair is so caught up with her latest boyfriend that... Read more


Episode 7

Sue Ann takes Blair's comments about her weight too seriously,... Read more

The Facts of Love

Episode 8

Mrs. Garrett teaches a sex-education class, but her approach clashes... Read more

Flash Flood

Episode 9

A flood prompts Blair and Tootie to race out to... Read more


Episode 10

The girls have an assignment to show their family trees.... Read more


Episode 11

Mr. Bradley's pressure to win a track trophy causes best... Read more

Molly's Holiday

Episode 12

Molly is sad over her parents' divorce, so the girls... Read more


Episode 13

Blair and Sue Ann befriend two new girls, who pressure... Read more

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