The Best Thing I Ever Ate
The Best Thing I Ever Ate



First Aired

Jun 21, 2009


The Best Thing I Ever Ate


Network: Food Network



Ever wonder what the biggest food stars and chefs eat in their free time – when they're paying? Find out on The Best Thing I Ever Ate! It's the ultimate guide to the country's most amazing meals, eats, and treats as told by the pros who spend their lives obsessing over food. From a barbecue sandwich worth driving over 1500 miles to canolli so good that it completely healed a bad breakup. Don't miss this series featuring some of your favorite Food Network stars, offering a taste of the things you must try before you die.


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Episode 1

On their own they're delicious, but put 'em together and... Read more

Fried Chicken

Episode 2

It's crispy, succulent, juicy, greasy, tender and ohhh sooo good.... Read more


Episode 3

Claire Robinson, Ted Allen, Ming Tsai, Alton Brown and others... Read more

Better Than Mine

Episode 4

Tyler Florence, Michael Symon, Ming Tsai and Susan Feniger are... Read more

Las Vegas

Episode 5

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But... Read more

Road Trip

Episode 6

Buckle up! 'Cause we're hitting the road with Emeril, Duff,... Read more

Old School

Episode 7

They say everything gets better with age, and these restaurants... Read more

Ice Creamy

Episode 8

Alton screams, Duff screams, they all scream for ICE CREAM!... Read more

French Favorites

Episode 9

Bon Apetit! We take a Tour de America for ooey... Read more


Episode 10

Truffled egg toast, Reuben Egg Rolls, Foot High Lemon Meringue... Read more

Finger Food

Episode 11

Alton Brown, Gail Simmons, Alex Guarnaschelli, and others are throwin'... Read more

Street Food

Episode 12

Gone are the days of the roach coach! These food... Read more

Childhood Favorites

Episode 13

Michael Symon, Bobby Flay, Gail Simmons and others take a... Read more

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