The Assistants
The Assistants



First Aired

Jul 10, 2009


The Assistants


Network: The N



Revolves around the lives of four young Hollywood assistants (Gillian, Rigby, Danny, and Nate) as they compete for the approval of their eccentric boss, the power-producer Zach.


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The Car

Episode 1

On her first day at “Kinky Bunny Pictures” as a... Read more

The Star

Episode 2

A popular film actor whisks Gillian away from doing meaningless... Read more

The Premiere

Episode 3

Gillian must make the arrangements for Zak's bizarre premiere night... Read more

The Premier

Episode 4

Zak orders Gillian and Danny to steal his baby blanket... Read more

The Pen

Episode 6

Read more

The Break Up

Episode 8

When Zak insists on getting an unstable starlet to be... Read more

The Break Up

Episode 10

A film festival wants to show Gillian's film on the... Read more

The Bully

Episode 11

Gillian wants to reunite with her ex-boyfriend; Rigby is interested... Read more

The Loophole

Episode 12

After a psychic tells Zak that he is about to... Read more

The Roomies

Episode 13

Rigby struggles to be nice when Gillian offers her a... Read more

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