Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf



First Aired

Dec 31, 1969


Teen Wolf


Network: MTV (US)

Status: Continuing


The series revolves around social outcast Scott McCall, a high school student living in the town of Beacon Hills. Scott's life drastically changes when he is bitten by a werewolf, becoming one himself. He must henceforth learn to balance his problematic new identity with his day-to-day teenage life. The following characters are instrumental to his struggle: Stiles, his best friend; Allison, his love interest who comes from a family of werewolf hunters; and Derek, a mysterious werewolf with a dark past. Throughout the series, he strives to keep his loved ones safe while maintaining normal relationships with them.


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Creatures of the Night

Episode 1

It's the eve of senior year and Scott and his... Read more


Episode 2

Stiles tries to prove his suspicions about a new classmate... Read more


Episode 3

Scott tracks a dangerous new shapeshifter threatening Stilinski. Malia receives... Read more

Condition Terminal

Episode 4

Stiles tries to track down a fugitive. Liam tries to... Read more

A Novel Approach

Episode 5

In hopes of learning more about the Dread Doctors, the... Read more

Required Reading

Episode 6

Scott and his friends experience strange effects after following Dr.... Read more

Strange Frequencies

Episode 7

Stiles is suspicious about a new girl showing up and... Read more


Episode 8

Scott and Malia get help to try to find Hayden... Read more

Lies of Omission

Episode 9

Scott finds himself turning to an unlikely ally for help.... Read more

Status Asthmaticus

Episode 10

Scott and his friends have to deal with what could... Read more

The Last Chimera

Episode 11

Scott and Stiles try to learn what is behind the... Read more

Damnatio Memoriae

Episode 12

Even without the support of his pack, Scott considers what... Read more


Episode 13

Kira and her mother make a journey to help Kira... Read more

The Sword and the Spirit

Episode 14

As Scott tries to put his pack back together. Meanwhile,... Read more


Episode 15

Upon learning that Lydia is in danger, Stiles makes a... Read more

Lie Ability

Episode 16

While trapped in Eichen House with Theo and the Chimera... Read more

A Credible Threat

Episode 17

Scott and the pack use a charity lacrosse game in... Read more

Maid of Gévaudan

Episode 18

Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Malia, and Liam are trying to figure... Read more

The Beast of Beacon Hills

Episode 19

With the identity of the Beast finally revealed, Scott and... Read more


Episode 20

Loyalties are tested and new alliances forged as Scott and... Read more

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