Teen Mom
Teen Mom



First Aired

Dec 08, 2009


Teen Mom


Network: MTV (US)

Status: Continuing


Teen Mom Stars Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood Returning for New Season


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Back and Better Than Ever

Episode 1

Cate and Tyler find out they are pregnant so Cate... Read more

Back to School

Episode 2

Catelynn and Tyler plan a party to go public with... Read more

Old Wounds

Episode 3

Tyler posts a video of Carly on their fan page,... Read more

New Kids on the Block

Episode 4

Cate learns that Brandon and Teresa want to discuss adoption... Read more

Surprise Surprise

Episode 5

Cate and Tyler meet with Brandon and Teresa; Maci informs... Read more

The F Bomb

Episode 6

Cate learns she has gestational diabetes; Farrah has a hard... Read more

First Time for Everything

Episode 7

Maci agrees to return to the series, but has conditions... Read more

Mom vs. Mom

Episode 8

The mothers do press for the show in New York;... Read more

Boiling Point

Episode 9

Tyler pressures Cate to lose weight; things come to a... Read more

Let's Face It

Episode 10

Amber's family questions Matt's intentions; Catelynn leaves Nova under April's... Read more

Why Can't We Just Get Along

Episode 11

Farrah realizes her relationship with Simon is over. Amber... Read more

Playing For Keeps

Episode 12

Farrah asks her mom to watch Sophia for a month,... Read more

Party Down

Episode 13

Farrah gets kicked out of a Hampton's White Party. ... Read more

Never Say Goodbye

Episode 14

Farrah has a hard time taking Sophia to visit Derek's... Read more

The Big Day

Episode 15

Catelynn and Tyler finally say 'I do'! Maci and Taylor... Read more

Skeletons in the Closet

Episode 16

Farrah leaves for a month long business trip and has... Read more

Forgive & Forget

Episode 17

Farah returns from her business trip and shares a life... Read more

Honeymoon Is Over

Episode 18

Simon comes back into Farrah's life and Catelynn and Tyler... Read more

Taking Chances

Episode 19

Farrah and Simon decide to take their relationship to the... Read more

Walk Away

Episode 20

Maci is shocked that Ryan is stepping up as a... Read more

Teen Mom OG: Check-Up with Dr. Drew - Part One

Episode 21

Dr. Drew sits down with Maci & Farrah to dig... Read more

Teen Mom OG: Check-Up with Dr. Drew - Part Two

Episode 22

In part two, Catelynn breaks down over her depression and... Read more

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