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May 27, 2010




Network: HDNet

Status: Continuing


Sharp, no-nonsense, acerbic, loving and generous, Svetlana is a woman of indeterminate age (between 30 and 50, she'll never tell) who landed in Minnesota from the USSR years ago as a mail-order bride. She quickly left her humdrum life and milquetoast husband, Steve, for a life of edge and passion on the streets of Los Angeles -- pursuing her version of the American dream -- opening a brothel that caters to high end clients. And with that was born "St Petersburg House of Discreet Pleasure."


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Episode 1

Svetlana's long lost American husband Stevie (who ordered her from... Read more


Episode 2

Svetlana's "daughter" Olga runs off with the family's savings, leaving... Read more

Wish Fulfillment

Episode 3

Natasha expresses a wish to have sex with a black... Read more

Recession Special

Episode 4

Svetlana decides to hold a Recession Special for unemployed people.... Read more

Sex Faces

Episode 5

Competing brothel owners Buster and Bo Devereaux storm Svetlana's house... Read more


Episode 6

An immigration official notifies Svetlana that her mail order marriage... Read more

You're Svencome

Episode 7

Svetlana and the family move into their new home, much... Read more

Crystal Methdown

Episode 8

Svetlana challenges the competing brothel to a sexdown. Read more

Good Friggin Shabbes

Episode 9

Svetlana goes undercover as an orthodox Jew to impress the... Read more


Episode 10

Svetlana attempts a career in stand-up comedy. Read more

Throw Mama Back on the Plane

Episode 11

Svetlana's nightmarish mother comes in for a surprise visit from... Read more

Snatchengil for the Stars

Episode 12

Svetlana discovers she's pregnant and Vlad commits his first indiscretion... Read more

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