Stargate Universe
Stargate Universe



First Aired

Dec 31, 1969


Stargate Universe


Network: Syfy

Status: Ended


The previously unknown purpose of the ninth chevron is revealed and takes a group of refugees on a one-way trip to a millions of years old Ancient-built ship. Led by Dr. Nicolas Rush and Colonel Everett Young, the refugees are trapped on the ship, unable to change its programmed mission.


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Intervention (3)

Episode 1

Everett and the crew continue their efforts to save Destiny... Read more


Episode 2

Desperate for food and water, Rush directs the ship to... Read more


Episode 3

The crew encounters a ship remarkably similar to Destiny, which... Read more


Episode 4

Chloe behaves in a bizarre way, prompting a search of... Read more


Episode 5

When Scott's team explores a new planet, a plant-like organism... Read more

Trial and Error

Episode 6

Young is plagued by mysterious dreams where Destiny is destroyed... Read more

The Greater Good

Episode 7

Rush and Young investigate an abandoned alien craft which is... Read more


Episode 8

Simeon makes his escape from Destiny, sending Nicholas Rush on... Read more


Episode 9

Members of the crew left behind in another galaxy make... Read more

Resurgence (1)

Episode 10

The crew's new-found control over Destiny's flight path introduces new... Read more

Deliverance (2)

Episode 11

Locked in a battle with a Drone Command Ship, the... Read more

Twin Destinies

Episode 12

Rush travels back in time to avert a disaster, meeting... Read more


Episode 13

Camille and Sgt. Greer are trapped when Homeworld Command comes... Read more


Episode 14

Chloe's body is taken over by another consciousness. Meanwhile, Dr.... Read more


Episode 15

Rush slips into a coma in the neural interface chair,... Read more

The Hunt

Episode 16

An alien creature attacks an exploration team from Destiny, taking... Read more

Common Descent (1)

Episode 17

Destiny comes upon a colony where the people claim their... Read more

Epilogue (2)

Episode 18

While attempting to return a group of colonists to their... Read more


Episode 19

When the command ships blockade stars along Destiny's path, the... Read more


Episode 20

Blocked by Command Ships at every star and unable to... Read more

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