Special Agent Oso
Special Agent Oso



First Aired

Apr 04, 2009


Special Agent Oso


Network: Disney Channel (US)

Status: Ended


Oso, a lovable teddy bear who is, however improbably, a special agent in training, turns to young viewers at home to complete his missions for the United Network for Investigating Quite Usual Events (UNIQUE), an international consortium of stuffed animals charged with teaching kids how to complete everyday tasks such as mailing a letter, using a library or just cleaning their room. Oso's adventures carry titles inspired by James Bond films: ``Gold Feather,'' ``A View to a Book'' and ``Carousel Royale,'' among others.


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Another Way to Fly

Episode 1

Oso helps a girl make a paper airplane. Read more

A View to a Ball

Episode 2

Special Agent Oso teaches a girl how to throw a... Read more

Dr. Go

Episode 3

Oso helps a girl learn how to race her brother's... Read more

For Your Bed Only

Episode 4

Oso teaches a girl how to make her bed. Read more

From China with Love

Episode 5

Oso teaches a boy how to use chopsticks. Read more


Episode 6

Oso shows a boy how to shoot a basketball. Read more


Episode 7

Oso teaches a friend how to ride a scooter. Read more

The Boy With the Colored Crayons

Episode 8

Oso helps a boy color a picture in a coloring... Read more


Episode 9

Oso teaches kids how to play miniature golf. Read more

Live and Leaf Rub

Episode 10

Oso helps a girl make a leaf rubbing for her... Read more

Dr. Juice

Episode 11

Oso helps sisters make fresh orange juice. Read more

For Your Nose Only

Episode 12

Oso teaches a boy how to blow his nose and... Read more

The Man With the Golden Retriever

Episode 13

Oso teaches a girl how to safely greet a dog. Read more

The Chairs Are Not Enough

Episode 14

Oso shows twins how to play musical chairs. Read more

Quantum of Sandwich

Episode 15

Oso teaches a boy how to make a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich. Read more

Thunder Muffin

Episode 16

Oso helps a girl make carrot muffins for a school... Read more

Colors Royale

Episode 17

Oso shows a girl how to mix yellow and blue... Read more


Episode 18

Oso teaches a boy the importance of washing his hands... Read more

A View to a Mask

Episode 19

Oso helps a boy make a Halloween mask. Read more

Pumpkin Eyes

Episode 20

Oso carves a pumpkin for Halloween. Read more

The Living Holiday Lights Special

Episode 21

The Living Holiday Lights Special Special Agent Oso is anxious to... Read more

For Angels With Snow

Episode 22

Professor Bufo has asked Oso to come to the space... Read more

Dr. Snow

Episode 23

Dotty teaches Oso how to use a special agent cable... Read more

License to Sled

Episode 24

Oso is on a snowmobile chase with a pack of... Read more

Snowflakes Are Forever

Episode 25

Dotty and Wolfie train Oso to launch his motorcycle off... Read more

Dr. Throw

Episode 26

Dotty trains Oso to jump out of the spacejet with... Read more

Nobody Plays 'It' Better

Episode 27

Professor Bufo has invented a rocket that goes very fast.... Read more

Quantum of Sauce

Episode 28

Agent Wolfie trains Oso to change the nose cone on... Read more

The Girl With the Folded Clothes

Episode 29

Oso is on the moon where Dotty trains him to... Read more


Episode 30

Dotty trains Oso to climb up cliffs to the red... Read more

For Sleepy Eyes Only

Episode 31

Professor Bufo trains Oso to load fuel canisters onto the... Read more

Live and Let Heal

Episode 32

While flying in the air, Oso is given a training... Read more


Episode 33

Dotty and Wolfie teach Oso how to go paragliding for... Read more

On Old MacDonald's Special Song

Episode 34

Oso is given a training mission from Professor Bufo to... Read more


Episode 35

Wolfie assigns Oso a training mission to open a door... Read more

License to Order

Episode 36

Agents Oso and wolfie are doing road rallying. Oso is... Read more

Table Manners Are Forever

Episode 37

Dotty trains Oso to sneak onto Wolfie's boat and get... Read more

Lost and Get Found

Episode 38

Professor Bufo trains Oso to find the real Agent Wolfie... Read more

A View to the Truth

Episode 39

Wolfie trains Oso to pilot a submarine. Unfortunately, Oso leaves... Read more

A View to a Fire Drill

Episode 40

Oso leads agents Dotty, Wolfie, and Musa through a cave... Read more


Episode 41

Professor Bufo trains Oso to open a vault where his... Read more

Quantum of Celery

Episode 42

Wolfie trains Oso to launch water balloons at a... Read more

Drink Another Day

Episode 43

Oso is trained by Wolfie to go on a deep... Read more

For Your Hands Only

Episode 44

Oso helps a girl make a handprint for a special... Read more


Episode 45

A gymnastics coach (voice of Mary Lou Retton) teaches a... Read more

A View to a Goal

Episode 46

Oso teaches a boy how to kick a soccer ball... Read more

Sweep Another Day

Episode 47

Oso shows a kid how to sweep a floor.... Read more

Freeze Dance Royale

Episode 48

Oso helps Professor Bufo test his new submarine's sonar. As... Read more

The Boy With the Cardboard Fort

Episode 49

Dotty trains Oso to drop water balloons on a target... Read more

Best Friends Are Forever

Episode 50

Oso agrees with Dotty to help set up the new... Read more

For School Days Only

Episode 51

Dotty trains Oso to go sail suit gliding. Oso couldn't... Read more

For Tamales With Love

Episode 52

Oso teaches kids how to make tamales. Read more

Piñata Royale

Episode 53

Oso helps friends choose, fill and hang a piñata. Read more

Sock Puppet Royale

Episode 54

Oso helps a girl make a sock puppet. Read more

Costume of Solace

Episode 55

Oso creates a princess costume for a girl out of... Read more


Episode 58

Read more


Episode 59

Read more

License to Share

Episode 61

Oso teaches friends how to share and use polite words. Read more

Live and Be Polite

Episode 62

Oso teaches friends how to share and use polite words. Read more

Potty Royale

Episode 64

Read more

Dr. Skip

Episode 67

Read more


Episode 70

Read more

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