Special Agent Oso
Special Agent Oso



First Aired

Apr 04, 2009


Special Agent Oso


Network: Disney Channel (US)

Status: Ended


Oso, a lovable teddy bear who is, however improbably, a special agent in training, turns to young viewers at home to complete his missions for the United Network for Investigating Quite Usual Events (UNIQUE), an international consortium of stuffed animals charged with teaching kids how to complete everyday tasks such as mailing a letter, using a library or just cleaning their room. Oso's adventures carry titles inspired by James Bond films: ``Gold Feather,'' ``A View to a Book'' and ``Carousel Royale,'' among others.


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To Grandma With Love

Episode 1

While Oso is practicing mountain climbing, he receives a special... Read more

Gold Flower

Episode 2

Oso receives a special assignment while practicing walking in space.... Read more

Never Say No Brushing Again

Episode 3

Oso takes a break from his training mission to... Read more

The Girl With the Golden Book

Episode 4

While doing one of his training missions, Oso gets... Read more

Live and Jump Rope

Episode 5

While Oso practices jumping laser beams, Paw Pilot calls... Read more

A View to a Kitten

Episode 6

Oso receives a special alert while looking for a... Read more

A View to a Book

Episode 7

As Agent Wolfy gives Oso a driving lesson, he receives... Read more

Diamonds Are for Kites

Episode 8

Oso gets a special assignment while being trained to... Read more

The Boy With the Golden Gift

Episode 9

As Oso tries to figure out a mystery picture, a... Read more

Birthdays are Forever

Episode 10

While Oso tries fixing the air brakes on his... Read more

Carousel Royale

Episode 11

Oso is being trained to load a statue onto... Read more

Leaf Raker

Episode 12

While Oso sees how well he does without any... Read more

Thunder Berries

Episode 13

As Oso paints his motorcycle with invisibility paint for his... Read more

Flowers Are Forever

Episode 14

Oso is learning how to fly his space jet when... Read more

For Your Nice Bunny

Episode 15

Oso is trying to get an envelope out of... Read more

For Pancakes With Love

Episode 16

Oso is in space replacing solar panels of the... Read more

License to Clean

Episode 17

As Oso goes in search of a red jewel in... Read more

On Her Cousin's Special Salad

Episode 18

Oso dives in for a submarine search when he receives... Read more

Hide Another Day

Episode 19

While Oso is training to take apart a grappling... Read more

Live and Let Dry

Episode 20

Live and Let Dry: As Oso gets trained to paddle... Read more

Dr. Off

Episode 21

A special alert is called as Oso searches for a... Read more

License to Dress

Episode 22

While Oso dresses into his scuba gear for a training... Read more


Episode 23

While Oso is out on the top of a tall... Read more

One Suitcase Is Now Enough

Episode 24

While Oso tries unlocking a high security lock which opens... Read more

Three Wheels Are Not Enough

Episode 25

While Oso is in space on a training mission, a... Read more

A Zoo to a Thrill

Episode 26

Paw Pilot calls in a special alert as Oso looks... Read more

The Girl Who Cheered Me

Episode 27

As Oso tries transporting a package from his train to... Read more

License to Twirl

Episode 28

As Oso sails his boat to a submarine, he receives... Read more

For Show and Tell Only

Episode 29

Wolfie assigns Oso to have Rapide the train carry his... Read more

Piggy Bank Royale

Episode 30

Oso is in space practicing flying through a mediar shower... Read more

Hopscotch Royale

Episode 31

While Oso is being trained to hop onto stones... Read more


Episode 32

As Oso is trained to fire his lazar pen for... Read more

The Living Flashlight

Episode 33

As Oso prepares to launch a deep sea probe, he... Read more

Sand Castle Royale

Episode 34

While Special Agent Oso lumbers through the forest following... Read more

License to Chill

Episode 35

As Oso trains to paint his car black, making sure... Read more


Episode 36

One night as Wolfie trains Oso to drive his boat... Read more

Tie Another Day

Episode 37

As Oso trains a horse to jump over a tall... Read more

You Only Start Preschool Once

Episode 38

Oso is trying to make an eye scanner recognize him... Read more


Episode 39

A girl named Briana finds a bird's nest, and... Read more

Live and Let Ride

Episode 40

A girl named Emma wants to get to school on... Read more

For Your Pies Only

Episode 41

Two brothers, Carlos and Jose, are buying groceries for their... Read more

The Plates Are Not Enough

Episode 42

Three sisters, Isabella, Ali, and Elizabeth, are preparing a big... Read more

For Your Ice Only

Episode 43

Oso tries to keep his balance and helps Carina learn... Read more


Episode 44

Christopher and Ashley build a snowman. Read more

Nobody Draws it Better

Episode 45

Oso helps a girl, Anna make a new Valentine's Day... Read more


Episode 46

Oso helps a boy, Andrew blow bubbles for his... Read more

Recycling is Forever

Episode 47

Special Agent Oso helps Joshua recycle his family’s bottles, cans... Read more


Episode 48

Special Agent Oso teaches Natalie how to swing on a... Read more

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