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Shark Tank



First Aired

Aug 09, 2009


Shark Tank


Network: ABC (US)

Status: Running


Shark Tank follows aspiring entrepreneurs as they present various business ideas to moguls (known as "the sharks") in hopes of landing an investment in their ideas. Each week, ambitious entrepreneurs present their breakthrough business concepts to ruthless investors to convince them to invest in the concept.


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Season 7 Premiere: Guest Shark Ashton Kutcher, The Beebo, ACTON, McClary Bros., SignalVault

Episode 1

Guest shark Ashton Kutcher shows interest in a device to... Read more

O'Dang Hummus, Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions, LOLIWARE, Splikity

Episode 2

A recent college graduate has a twist on the traditional... Read more

Guest Shark Troy Carter, Foot Cardigan, Two Guys Bow Ties, ValPark, Nerdwax

Episode 3

Guest shark Troy Carter; a sock-of-the-month club; wooden bow ties,... Read more

Table 87, EZPeeZ, milk and brookies, DUDE Products

Episode 4

A device that helps simplify potty-training; a baked-to-order brownies &... Read more

Switch Witch, Three Jerks Jerky, The Skinny Mirror, xCraft

Episode 5

The Sharks start bidding more than the asking price for... Read more

Rent Like a Champion, HotShot, Windcatcher, Stem Center USA

Episode 6

Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Chris Sacca, joins the Tank as... Read more

Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo, Wink Frozen Desserts, Saavy Naturals, Clean Cube, Simply Fit Board

Episode 7

Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo Rodriguez are back with some new... Read more

AfreSHeet, Unshrinkit, Grip Clean, PolarPro, and Sharks at the White House

Episode 8

This episode features all millennial entrepreneurs. A man has a... Read more

National Association of Bubble Soccer, Umano, Brazi Bites, SockTABS

Episode 9

When an entrepreneur brings in a new recreational sport to... Read more

Leaux Racing Trikes, Glow Recipe, Sarah Oliver Handbags, Trunkster

Episode 10

An entrepreneur uses an unique labor force to create her... Read more

GeekMyTree, Beard Head, Lovepop, PiperWai

Episode 11

A Christmas-decorating aficionado has a high-tech way to deck the... Read more

Extreme Sandbox, ABS Pancakes, Total Tie Keep, FireAvert

Episode 12

A father of three created a heavy-equipment adventure company that... Read more

Spretz, ezpz, Hungry Harvest, Controlled Chaos

Episode 13

Three friends try to sell the sharks on a breath... Read more

Hatch Baby, Village Scholarships, Fixed, Beard King

Episode 14

Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Chris Sacca, returns to the Tank... Read more

Shefit, CO.ALITION, IcyBreeze, 2400 Expert

Episode 15

A college student who earned a perfect SAT score wants... Read more

R. Riveter, BearTek, Major Mom, Combat Flip Flops

Episode 16

Veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs try to enlist the Sharks'... Read more

SmartPlate, Bee Free Honee, Float Baby, MTailor

Episode 17

An entrepreneur pitches a smart plate containing food-recognition technology that... Read more

Sworkit, The Clean Sleep Machine, TUTUblue, Nohbo

Episode 18

A 16-year-old environmentalist has an eco-friendly way to say goodbye... Read more

Insta-Fire, Custard Stand, PRxPerformance, Rags to Raches

Episode 19

In this patriotic episode, entrepreneurs try to sell the Sharks... Read more

Episode 20

Episode 20

A woman pitches a product that can relieve back pain;... Read more

Episode 21

Episode 21

Two men put going to the bathroom at night in... Read more

Episode 22

Episode 22

A beer enthusiast duo presents a new way of keeping... Read more

Episode 23

Episode 23

Two former advertising guys try to sell the Sharks a... Read more

Episode 24

Episode 24

A man has an innovative way to check your pet’s... Read more

Episode 25

Episode 25

Two high school freshmen pitch a tasty way to improve... Read more

Episode 26

Episode 26

A developer incites a battle between two of the billionaire... Read more

Episode 27

Episode 27

An immigrant entrepreneur cuts her own hair in front of... Read more

Episode 28

Episode 28

A former business analyst aims to bring back the nostalgic... Read more

Episode 29

Episode 29

A woman hopes the Sharks will make a deal for... Read more

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