Shark Tank
Shark Tank



First Aired

Aug 09, 2009


Shark Tank


Network: ABC (US)

Status: Running


Shark Tank follows aspiring entrepreneurs as they present various business ideas to moguls (known as "the sharks") in hopes of landing an investment in their ideas. Each week, ambitious entrepreneurs present their breakthrough business concepts to ruthless investors to convince them to invest in the concept.


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Week 1

Episode 1

NBA champion Bill Walton helps a triathlete pitch his idea... Read more

Week 2

Episode 2

An artistic man from Chicago hopes the sharks are interested... Read more

Week 3

Episode 3

A fragrance that smells like money; luxury soap with a... Read more

Week 4

Episode 4

A towel that provides coverage to change out of a... Read more

Week 5

Episode 5

A Texas family asks for an investment in a jewelry... Read more

Week 6

Episode 6

The sharks tear into a man who claims to have... Read more

Week 7

Episode 7

Flavored mix-and-match lip balm; a revolutionary clothing item; innovative kitchen... Read more

Week 8

Episode 8

Body jewelry; movable basketball training apparatus; organic skin care; a... Read more

Week 9

Episode 9

Singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson helps an entrepreneur from California pitch his... Read more

Week 10

Episode 10

Beer-infused ice cream; pre-packaged meals for pets; safety wear for... Read more

Week 11

Episode 11

An entrepreneur returns for a second chance at a deal... Read more

Week 12

Episode 12

The sharks fight over a three-in-one nail polish invented by... Read more

Week 13

Episode 13

The man who created Rollerblades seeks an investment for his... Read more

Week 14

Episode 14

Billy Blanks Jr. asks the sharks to invest in a... Read more

Week 15

Episode 15

The sharks fight for a chance to go into business... Read more

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