Sabrina's Secret Life
Sabrina's Secret Life



First Aired

Nov 10, 2003


Sabrina's Secret Life


Network: Animation,

Status: Ended


This show is the spin-off to Sabrina, the Animated Series. It takes place one year after that show ended. Sabrina Spellman is 13 years old now and in Greendale Highschool. Chloe has moved away and Gem Stone attends a private school far away from Greendale. Sabrina's new best friends are Maritza and Nicole. She still holds a crush on her friend Harvey Kinkle. Now that she is 13 Sabrina's powers have grown stronger. Salem, Hilda, and Zelda still work hard to train Sabrina so she can learn how to use her magic well. They also still help her get out of tough scrapes because her spells often fail. Although she is half-mortal she is not the only one now at her school who is a witch. Her new nemesis Cassandra also attends Sabrina's Highschool and is a full witch. Both Sabrina and Cassandra not only attend Grenndale Highschool but a special Witch Academy School at night to practice their magic.


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At the Hop

Episode 1

Greendale Highschool is holding it's first dance and Sabrina can't... Read more

School Spirit

Episode 2

Cassandra is the best at everything at both Greendale High... Read more

I'm a Slave for Who?

Episode 3

Sabrina, tired of Harvey being too busy to hang out,... Read more

Putting Off

Episode 4

After putting off her history report until the last day,... Read more

Just a Rumor

Episode 5

When spiteful Cassandra starts to spread harmful rumors, Sabrina goes... Read more

Green Eyed Monster

Episode 6

Sabrina accidently creates a monster worn that feeds off jealousy,... Read more

Lather, Rinse, Repent

Episode 7

After Sabrina's hair gets messed up after swimming she decides... Read more


Episode 8

In spite of having the flu, Sabrina sneaks off to... Read more

Living Her Dreams

Episode 9

After a very bad day at school, Sabrina goes to... Read more

Teacher's Pet

Episode 10

Sabrina thinks that she can coast through her history of... Read more

Pet Peeve

Episode 11

Sabrina conjures up an adorable pet but Salem discovers that... Read more

Half There

Episode 12

While fighting over the leading role in the school play... Read more

Matchmaker Sabrina

Episode 13

Sabrina casts a spell causing a teacher to fall in... Read more

Sabrina, Part Two

Episode 14

Sabrina and Cassandra create magical doubles of themselves so they... Read more

Spell-ing Bee

Episode 15

Sabrina and Cassandra are chosen to represent Greendale High School... Read more

Best of Show

Episode 16

Both Sabrina and Cassandra turn their pets into dogs in... Read more

Food 'tude

Episode 17

When Salem accidentally shrinks her clothes in the wash, Sabrina... Read more

Baby Makes Three

Episode 18

Sabrina plans to hold a party while her aunts are... Read more

Hot Item

Episode 19

Sabrina takes what she thinks is a rock from the... Read more

What's in a Name?

Episode 20

Sabrina and Cassandra try to forget their differences as they... Read more

Greendale Idol

Episode 21

When she thinks that Cassandra is cheating to win a... Read more

Time Flies

Episode 22

When Sabrina promises a friend that she would go to... Read more

Here's Looking at You

Episode 23

A magic mirror sends Sabrina and Cassandra to an alternate... Read more

Cat Man Do

Episode 24

Salem finds out that an evil warlock named Toc-Toc has... Read more


Episode 25

Cassandra unwittingly helps a disgruntled witch take over the... Read more

Midsummer's Nightmare

Episode 26

The fairy Puck takes advantage of Sabrina and Cassaindra's bickering... Read more

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