First Aired

Oct 06, 1999




Network: The WB

Status: Ended


In Roswell, New Mexico, a group of teenage alien/human hybrids attempt to survive as humans and hide their alien sides, while trying to learn more about their alien powers, as well as figuring out how to get home. Roswell intertwines romance and science fiction that always kept you guessing.


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Skin and Bones

Episode 1

Max and the others must rescue Michael after he is... Read more

Ask Not

Episode 2

Brody Davis, the mysterious new curator at the UFO Museum... Read more


Episode 3

Isabel is deeply moved when Max throws her a surprise... Read more

Summer of '47

Episode 4

Michael discovers the hidden history behind the 1947 crash when... Read more

The End of the World

Episode 5

An older Max travels from the future (2014 to be... Read more


Episode 6

After the death of congresswoman Whitaker, Max and the gang... Read more


Episode 7

The Skins make all the humans in Roswell, New Mexico... Read more

Meet the Dupes (1)

Episode 8

Duplicate versions of Michael, Isabel and Tess come to Roswell... Read more

Max in the City (2)

Episode 9

Max and Tess depart for the interstellar summit in New... Read more

A Roswell Christmas Carol

Episode 10

Max witnesses a tragedy and is haunted by the ghost... Read more

To Serve and Protect

Episode 11

When Isabel develops a psychic connection to a girl who... Read more

We Are Family

Episode 12

Sheriff Valenti is suspended from the force after refusing to... Read more

Disturbing Behavior (1)

Episode 13

Michael and Maria flee from Roswell after helping Laurie DuPree... Read more

How the Other Half Lives (2)

Episode 14

Max tries to stop Alex and Kyle from being buried... Read more

Viva Las Vegas

Episode 15

When the gang makes a spur-of-the-moment trip to Las Vegas,... Read more

Heart of Mine

Episode 16

The onset of junior prom stirs up emotional tumult as... Read more

Cry Your Name

Episode 17

Jim Valenti breaks the news to the aliens and their... Read more

It's Too Late and It's Too Bad

Episode 18

A startling breakthrough leads to a renewed connection for two... Read more

Baby, It's You

Episode 19

Max is hit with a one-two punch after he discovers... Read more

Off the Menu

Episode 20

Brody Davis, his mind frazzled from an electric shock,holds several... Read more

The Departure

Episode 21

Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess struggle with goodbyes on what... Read more

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