Rescue Special Ops
Rescue Special Ops



First Aired

Aug 02, 2009


Rescue Special Ops


Network: Nine Network

Status: Ended


Dean and Chase Gallagher are brothers. Competitive alpha males, they argue over everything, agree on nothing, but defend each other from outsiders no matter what. They're also members of the Special Operations Rescue Unit. Experienced paramedics in peak physical condition, they're called in for complex search and rescue operations. With the latest in tools and training, they can access anyone, anywhere, under any conditions.


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Episode 1

The team is threatened with the introduction of Lifeblood, a... Read more


Episode 2

Rescue attends an MVA involving a truck and a BMW.... Read more

True Romance

Episode 3

After receiving a panicked call from a man lost in... Read more

Secrets and Lies

Episode 4

When a young girl, Lily, is found trapped on a... Read more

Him or Me

Episode 5

The private lives of Rescue are in turmoil. Lara struggles... Read more

Demon Days

Episode 6

The team is called out to a Gay Pride rehearsal,... Read more

Man In Machine

Episode 7

Due to his shoulder injury, Chase takes over Vince's normal... Read more

The Game

Episode 8

Rescue is called out to free a trapped garbo from... Read more

It's Not The Fall That Kills You

Episode 9

Called to a high-rise office to rescue a general manager... Read more


Episode 10

Swinging by her office early one morning, Michelle interrupts an... Read more

In Deep

Episode 11

The team rescue Tan, an injured rock fisherman who doesn't... Read more

Break Out

Episode 12

The Rescue team attend an overturned bus on a lonely... Read more

The Dunes

Episode 13

The team are testing out their new quad bikes on... Read more

Chemical Brothers

Episode 14

When a light plane strays into city airspace and can't... Read more

The Carter Redemption

Episode 15

Wrapping up from a rescue, Heidi and Jordan are looking... Read more

Storm Chaser

Episode 16

Wind buffets the Patrol as Heidi and Jordan race to... Read more

Art Attack

Episode 17

Rescue are stretched thin having responded to an incident at... Read more

Missing Pieces

Episode 18

The Rescue unit attends an MVA involving one Helen Hillerstrom,... Read more

Class of Their Own

Episode 19

The Rescue team are called to a teenage party, where... Read more

The Intervention

Episode 20

Rescue search the bush for a missing prospector, Simon Prestwich,... Read more

Bad Company

Episode 21

The Gallagher brothers' boot-camp session on Freshwater beach is interrupted... Read more

Two Fires

Episode 22

When a truck crashes into a service station, everyone is... Read more

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