Rescue Special Ops
Rescue Special Ops



First Aired

Aug 02, 2009


Rescue Special Ops


Network: Nine Network

Status: Ended


Dean and Chase Gallagher are brothers. Competitive alpha males, they argue over everything, agree on nothing, but defend each other from outsiders no matter what. They're also members of the Special Operations Rescue Unit. Experienced paramedics in peak physical condition, they're called in for complex search and rescue operations. With the latest in tools and training, they can access anyone, anywhere, under any conditions.


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Enemy Mine

Episode 1

Dean and the team are back, and they risk their... Read more

A Day In The Death of Dean Gallagher

Episode 2

A jetskier causes an explosion at a marina fuel depot,... Read more

Locked In

Episode 3

The team is caught in a deadly child custody dispute... Read more

Jordan's Choice

Episode 4

Returning from a surfing safari, Jordan attends a cliff-top bus... Read more

Shock Jock

Episode 5

A massive explosion rips through the A-list party of an... Read more

Thicker Than Water

Episode 6

After risking their lives to save a missing kayaker, the... Read more

Find My Baby

Episode 7

Dean is obsessed with finding a missing child after a... Read more

Street Legal

Episode 8

Vince fears for his son's life when a vigilante begins... Read more

Out of The Ashes

Episode 9

Michelle risks the future of Rescue when she covers up... Read more

Rock Stars

Episode 10

The heat is on Rescue to locate a missing rock... Read more

Off The Rails

Episode 11

Chase uncovers a deadly conspiracy at an underground train disaster,... Read more

One For The Money

Episode 12

Lara finds herself the target of organised crime after rescuing... Read more

Crazy Love

Episode 13

Michelle and her baby are kidnapped, sparking a desperate manhunt... Read more

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