Republic of Doyle
Republic of Doyle



First Aired

Jan 06, 2010


Republic of Doyle


Network: CBC (CA)

Status: Ended


Republic of Doyle, created and starring Newfoundland native Allan Hawco as Jake Doyle, the roguish and irreverent private investigator at the center of a colourful cast of characters who live and work together as an extended family as they try and run a “gumshoe” racket in contemporary St. John’s, Newfoundland. The series combines the retro crime vibe of classic detective TV shows with a fresh dramatic/comedic edge that produces a blend of intriguing episodic mysteries and ever-churning relationship turmoil.


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From Dublin With Love

Episode 1

Six months after the shooting of Des Courtney, the Doyles... Read more

Blood Work

Episode 2

Jake and Mal are given no choice but to help... Read more

Identity Crisis

Episode 3

Jake and Mal are hired by a man to find... Read more

Carlotta's Way

Episode 4

After a ransom drop goes bad, Jake and Mal fight... Read more

The Heroine

Episode 5

Jake's worst fears are realized upon discovery that Leslie has... Read more

The Common Wealth

Episode 6

The Doyles are hot on the trail of an international... Read more

In Brigus

Episode 7

Jake rushes to Leslie's side when the death of her... Read more


Episode 8

Jake finds himself juggling multiple cases while looking into attempts... Read more


Episode 9

When Jake is kidnapped and nearly burned alive, he escapes... Read more

Gimme Shelter

Episode 10

Mal and Rose try to keep an old friend safe... Read more

The Devil Inside

Episode 11

When a crazed bomber takes over the police station, it's... Read more

Return of the Kingpin

Episode 12

The city is thrown into chaos when a prison break... Read more

What Doesn't Kill You

Episode 13

With Tinny abducted at gunpoint by Maurice Becker, Jake and... Read more

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