Republic of Doyle
Republic of Doyle



First Aired

Jan 06, 2010


Republic of Doyle


Network: CBC (CA)

Status: Ended


Republic of Doyle, created and starring Newfoundland native Allan Hawco as Jake Doyle, the roguish and irreverent private investigator at the center of a colourful cast of characters who live and work together as an extended family as they try and run a “gumshoe” racket in contemporary St. John’s, Newfoundland. The series combines the retro crime vibe of classic detective TV shows with a fresh dramatic/comedic edge that produces a blend of intriguing episodic mysteries and ever-churning relationship turmoil.


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Fathers and Sons

Episode 1

The Doyles help a close family friend beat a manslaughter... Read more

The Return of the Grievous Angel

Episode 2

A young woman comes to The Doyles with one case... Read more

Duchess of George

Episode 3

The Doyles take on a cold arson case for Mal’s... Read more

Blood Is Thicker Than Blood

Episode 4

A wrongfully convicted murderer gets out of prison and offers... Read more

Hit and Rum

Episode 5

The Doyles start trailing a potentially cheating husband to find... Read more

The One Who Got Away

Episode 6

The Doyles show their sentimental side as they help Jake’s... Read more

The Woman Who Knew Too Little

Episode 7

Jake sets out to find the true identity of a... Read more

The Tell-Tale Safe

Episode 8

A grieving widow hires the Doyles to find out why... Read more

He Sleeps With the Chips

Episode 9

When a dubious chip truck owner notices his truck is... Read more

The Pen Is Mightier Than the Doyle

Episode 10

When Mal suddenly leaves town and lends Jake out to... Read more

A Horse Divided

Episode 11

Tensions are at an all-time high with Jake's older brother... Read more

The Fall of the Republic

Episode 12

After getting a call from his brother Christian, Jake must... Read more

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