Pawn Stars
Pawn Stars



First Aired

Jul 19, 2009


Pawn Stars


Network: History

Status: Continuing


Long before banks, ATMS and check-cashing services, there were pawn shops. Pawning was the leading form of consumer credit in the United States until the 1950s, and pawn shops are still helping everyday people make ends meet. PAWN STARS takes you inside the colorful world of the pawn business. At the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop on the outskirts of Las Vegas, three generations of the Harrison family--grandfather Richard, son Rick and grandson Corey--jointly run the family business, and there's clashing and camaraderie every step of the way. The three men use their sharp eyes and skills to assess the value of items from the commonplace to the truly historic, including a 16th-century samurai sword, a Super Bowl ring, a Picasso painting and a 17th-century stay of execution. It's up to them to determine what's real and what's fake, as they reveal the often surprising answer to the questions on everyone's mind, "What's the story behind it"? and "What's it worth?"


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The Pawn Awakens

Episode 1

A one-of-a-kind "Star Wars" packaged Boba Fett prototype strides into... Read more

Titanic Pawn

Episode 2

A 1906 Silver Half Dollar that belonged to a passenger... Read more

Racing Revolution

Episode 3

A limited edition 2014 Hertz Penske GT Mustang races around... Read more

Pawn Brothers

Episode 4

An 1894 S Barber Dime jangles into the shop. Next,... Read more

Longshot Pawn

Episode 5

The Pawn Stars look at an ultra-rare Nepalese Bira gun... Read more

Legends of Rock

Episode 6

A hand-painted, signed guitar from Def Leppard's Phil Collen rocks... Read more

Lock, Stock, and Pawn

Episode 7

An all-star Dodger's baseball memorabilia bench faces Rick in the... Read more

No Pawn for You!

Episode 8

A chair belonging to Abraham Lincoln. Then, Corey and Chum... Read more

First Lady of Pawn

Episode 9

Items include a WWE Hall of Fame ring; a 1927... Read more

Every Rose Has Its Pawn

Episode 10

An original sketch of the Marine Corps War Memorial; a... Read more

Rick the Emperor

Episode 11

A 44 BC Roman coin with Julius Caesar's portrait; a... Read more

Pawning Pistols

Episode 12

A pair of Duck's Foot pistols; a bar of Yellow... Read more

Stairway to Pawn

Episode 13

A customer brings in a talking Herman Munster doll; Rick... Read more

Pawntucky Derby

Episode 14

A 1980s Sigma Derby horse-racing game; a 1940s Moby Dick... Read more


Episode 15

A Civil War general's sword; a veterinary medicine box from... Read more

Pawn of Liberty

Episode 16

An original Beach Boys surfboard; a magazine feature penned by... Read more

G.I. Pawn

Episode 17

Two rare G.I. Joe play sets; a 1950s Chinese military... Read more

Napoleon Complex

Episode 18

A letter signed by Napoleon; a surreal figure by Mexican... Read more

Mad Deals

Episode 19

A 1969 Triumph Motorcycle; the first issue of MAD Magazine;... Read more

Pawn No Evil

Episode 20

A robotic Japanese monkey; a painting that reveals Glenn Ford's... Read more

Pawn Halen

Episode 21

A set of 1814 naval history books from John Adam's... Read more

Double Your Pawn

Episode 22

Film star Harry Carey's collection of nearly 200 celebrity autographs;... Read more

Pops Pawn

Episode 23

An astrological armillary sphere; a British candy dispenser; a signed... Read more

Death and Taxidermy

Episode 24

A 1547 edition of "The Dance of Death"; two sculptures... Read more

Triple Axel Pawn

Episode 25

A custom Fender quad guitar; a Wheaties box featuring Tonya... Read more

Cowboys and Cannons

Episode 26

A 19th century sun dial cannon; a signed helmet from... Read more

Smokin' Pawn

Episode 27

A 1944 steel cent; an 1850s calendar clock shows up;... Read more

Pawn in Space

Episode 28

A cast-signed helmet from the TV series "Lost in Space";... Read more

Hidden Pawn

Episode 29

A 1769 set of playing cards with hidden political message... Read more

All Pawns on Deck

Episode 30

Eighteenth-century engravings of the Spanish Armada; wax recordings from the... Read more

Locked Up and Rail Roaded

Episode 31

A 1950s Chrysler Town & Country Newport; a cubist painting... Read more

Silver Stash Pawn

Episode 32

A first edition of "The Adventures of Bob Hope" comic;... Read more

Gotham Pawn

Episode 33

Limited-edition Batman and Joker Bolin guitars; a bronze sculpture by... Read more

Pawn Another Day

Episode 34

Madonna's 1988 day planner; a 1910 phrenology head; a locket... Read more

Four Score and Seven Pawns

Episode 35

An 1800s Colt revolver; an antique Chinese fingernail guard; a... Read more

Great Negotiations

Episode 36

Drive a hard bargain with the Pawn Stars and relive... Read more

Smokin Pawn

Episode 37

(Enhanced.) Flip a coin with the Pawn Stars when a... Read more

Pawn in Space

Episode 38

Explore the cosmos with the Pawn Stars when a cast... Read more

Hidden Pawn

Episode 39

Go all in with the Pawn Stars when a 1769... Read more

All Pawns on Deck

Episode 40

Batten down the hatches with the Pawn Stars when 18th... Read more

Locked Up and Rail Roaded

Episode 41

Burn rubber with the Pawn Stars when they test drive... Read more

Silver Stash Pawn

Episode 42

Laugh it up with the Pawn Stars when a first... Read more

Gotham Pawn

Episode 43

Save the day with the Pawn Stars when limited edition... Read more

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