On the Case With Paula Zahn
On the Case With Paula Zahn



First Aired

Oct 18, 2009


On the Case With Paula Zahn


Network: Investigation Discovery

Status: Running


Led by Emmy Award-winning journalist Paula Zahn, ON THE CASE features in-depth interviews and original reporting that go beyond the headlines in search of fascinating mysteries from within our nation's justice system. Each episode is highlighted by Zahn's riveting exclusive interviews, which draw out different viewpoints from the people personally connected to tragedies that rocked their local community and the investigations that attempted to piece together the truth.


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Episode 0

Read more

Deep Wounds

Episode 1

San Diego police race to catch a killer with an... Read more

Gone in an Instant

Episode 2

As beautiful young women continue to disappear out of their... Read more

Betrayal in Big Cottonwood Canyon

Episode 3

The murder of a young woman in a remote Utah... Read more

Tracks of a Killer

Episode 4

Police retrace a young woman's final movements hoping it will... Read more

Racing to Justice

Episode 5

A talented chef's abduction is the impetus for what... Read more

Last Dance

Episode 6

A woman is murdered while walking home from a... Read more

A Promise Kept

Episode 7

A cold-case detective reopens a decades-old murder case and... Read more

Deadly Offer

Episode 8

After coming to the aid of a stranded roommate,... Read more

Mixed Signals

Episode 9

Cell phone records may help solve the disturbing murder... Read more

Courage and Conviction

Episode 10

Will a college student's courageous battle for survival be the... Read more

Half Way Home

Episode 11

The discovery of a woman's brutally beaten body inside an... Read more

The Doorbell Rang

Episode 12

Will the ring of a doorbell overheard during a teenager's... Read more

22 Hours of Terror

Episode 13

A 12-year-old girl is kidnapped during a home invasion, and... Read more

Broken Trust

Episode 14

After a young girl vanishes on the way home from... Read more

Deceiving Appearances

Episode 15

Police suspect a mysterious double homicide is not what it... Read more

The Answer Was No

Episode 16

Police try to retrace a young mother's last known movements... Read more

A Nightmare in Laurel

Episode 17

When a young woman disappears before her final shift at... Read more

Followed Home

Episode 18

A mother of three is found shot to death just... Read more

Path of Tears

Episode 19

A 14-year old girl is killed while walking her dog. Read more

Predator on the Loose

Episode 20

A deadly predator stalks prey in Stockton, California. Read more

Blood and Betrayal

Episode 21

A military police officer is found murdered in her own... Read more

A Killer Among Friends

Episode 22

When a teenager is found savagely murdered, police must retrace... Read more

From Dusk to Darkness

Episode 23

After a young girl mysteriously disappears, her family and the... Read more

Deadly Paper Trail

Episode 24

The police follow a trail of emails, hoping it will... Read more

Dreams and Nightmares

Episode 25

A teenager is murdered the night before her college career... Read more

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Episode 26

A 36-year-old woman is savagely murdered while her 7-year-old niece... Read more

Unfinished Journey

Episode 27

The disappearance of a young woman who was about to... Read more

Identical Evidence

Episode 28

The murder of a young woman in a busy parking... Read more

Mystery, Heartbreak and Justice

Episode 29

A look at three cases where the quest for justice... Read more

A Betrayal Concealed

Episode 30

A teenager's shocking murder shatters the peace in a small... Read more

A Hidden Clue

Episode 31

A hidden clue may hold the key to solving the... Read more

A Face with No Name

Episode 32

Police have DNA evidence and a videotape of their suspect,... Read more


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