My Kitchen Rules
My Kitchen Rules



First Aired

Feb 01, 2010


My Kitchen Rules


Network: Seven Network

Status: Continuing


The show sees ten teams of two, each representing the states of Australia or New Zealand, competing against each other to transform an ordinary home into an instant restaurant for one night, complete with theme and table decorations. The teams then move on to the 'My Kitchen Rules' kitchen where they compete in tasks and challenges. Hosted and judged by celebrity chefs Pete Evans and Manu Feildel.


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Group One: NSW

Episode 1

There are plenty of surprises in store as Australia's favourite... Read more

Group One: WA

Episode 2

Tonight, school teacher Angela and truckie Justine prepare their three-course... Read more

Group One: SA

Episode 3

Our twelve new cooking teams each take turns to transform... Read more

Group One: NZ

Episode 4

Our twelve new cooking teams each take turns to transform... Read more

Group One: QLD

Episode 5

Tonight, solider mates David and Scott host their instant restaurant.... Read more

Group One: VIC

Episode 6

Tonight, the final team from group one host their instant... Read more

Group Two: NSW

Episode 7

Group one have shown what they can do in the... Read more

Group Two: WA

Episode 8

Engaged scientists Emma and Andrew host their instant restaurant. Will... Read more

Group Two: SA

Episode 9

With four more instant restaurants to go, the pressure's on... Read more

Group Two: TAS

Episode 10

Tonight, engaged sales reps Megan and Andy have the chance... Read more

Group Two: QLD

Episode 11

Every team has felt the sting of their biting critiques,... Read more

Elimination Kitchen: Thomas & Carla (VIC, Group 1)

Episode 13

Tonight begins the round of elimination kitchens as we go... Read more

Elimination Kitchen: Simon & Meg (NZ, Group 1)

Episode 14

We're back in New Zealand with Simon and Meg cooking... Read more

Elimination Kitchen: Megan and Andy (TAS, Group 2)

Episode 15

The pressure to avoid last place in the elimination round... Read more

Elimination Kitchen: Emma & Andrew (WA, Group 2)

Episode 16

Tonight, one team attempts to dazzle the judges and their... Read more

Elimination Kitchen: David & Scott (QLD, Group 1)

Episode 17

It's the penultimate instant restaurant of the elimination round tonight,... Read more

Elimination Kitchen: Peter & Gary (QLD, Group 2)

Episode 18

They opened their kitchens to Australia and cooked with everything... Read more

Offsite Challenge: Bed & Breakfast

Episode 19

After an emotional first elimination, the remaining teams are about... Read more

Challenge at MKR Headquarters: First Challenge

Episode 20

Tonight, the teams must cook at Kitchen Headquarters for the... Read more

Sudden Death Cook-Off

Episode 21

Thomas and Carla Vs Sam and Jillian. Read more

Offsite Challenge: Pop-Up Food Stall

Episode 22

The teams must create a 'pop-up food stall' to feed... Read more

Challenge at MKR Headquarters: Trust & Representation

Episode 23

In tonight's challenges back at Headquaters, teams must trust each... Read more

Sudden Death Cook-off

Episode 24

Peter & Gary vs. Emily & Carly Read more

Offsite Challenge: Ingham Harvest Festival

Episode 25

Tonight, the remaining teams find themselves in Ingham, a small... Read more

Offsite Challenge: Roadside stalls & Local markets

Episode 26

The teams are in for a shock when they're told... Read more

Sudden Death Cook-Off

Episode 27

Thomas & Carla vs. Megan & Andy It's the last chance... Read more

Challenge at MKR Headquarters: Seafood Banquet

Episode 28

Everyone is back at Kitchen Headquarters and tonight's challenge requires... Read more

Challenge at MKR Headquarters: Childhood Dislikes

Episode 29

Tonight, it's an episode full of surprise tests and temptations.... Read more

Sudden Death Cook-Off

Episode 30

Simon & Meg vs. Steve & Helen National pride is on... Read more

Elimination Week: Elimination One

Episode 31

The judges have a shock announcement that shakes things up... Read more

Elimination Week: Elimination Two

Episode 32

The remaining teams will battle it out in an all-in... Read more

Elimination Week: Elimination Three

Episode 33

Tonight, teams continue to impress as they bring out their... Read more

Semi-Final Placement

Episode 34

Tonight, things heat up as the competition becomes fiery in... Read more

Semi-Finals: Round One

Episode 35

It's the first round of the semi-finals and two teams... Read more

Semi-Finals: Round Two

Episode 36

One team has already earned their place in the all-important... Read more

Grand Final

Episode 37

It started with twelve teams and now it' s down... Read more

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