Mutant Χ
Mutant Χ



First Aired

Dec 31, 1969


Mutant Χ


Network: Syndicated

Status: Ended


"MUTANT X" chronicles the adventures of MUTANT-X, a team of human mutants possessing extraordinary powers as a result of genetic engineering. Like hundreds of other unsuspecting subjects, these new mutants were altered in secret experiments conducted in a covert government project. Realizing that events have spun out of control, the organization that created them is now hunting them down in an urgent "product recall." MUTANT-X's mission is to seek out their fellow new mutants to help them come to terms with their astonishing abilities and protect them from their creators.


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Past as Prologue

Episode 1

Ashlocke revives an ancient Egyptian alchemist in an attempt to... Read more

Power Play

Episode 2

A military officer lures in Mutant X in a complicated... Read more

Time Squared

Episode 3

Ashlocke gains access to a mutant who can travel through... Read more

Whose Woods These Are

Episode 4

Mutant X investigates a series of deaths in the wilderness... Read more

The Future Revealed

Episode 5

Gabriel gains access to Sanctuary and attempts to force Adam... Read more

No Man Left Behind

Episode 6

A U.S. military plane is shot down and the tem... Read more

Crossroads of the Soul

Episode 7

Brennan is trapped in a strange town without his powers... Read more

Sign from Above

Episode 8

Aliens are targeting New Mutants to capture samples to take... Read more

Body and Soul

Episode 9

A body-jumping New Mutant uses his abilities to gain revenge... Read more


Episode 10

With Shalimar in sickbay, the team recruits a new feral... Read more

The Grift

Episode 11

A former flame of Brennan's shows up asking for his... Read more

At Destiny's End

Episode 12

Emma must go undercover to join a group of eco-terrorists... Read more

Within These Walls

Episode 13

A psychotic New Mutant escapes from prison and goes after... Read more

Hard Time

Episode 14

Jesse and Brennan go undercover to investigate a prison gladiatorial... Read more

Under the Cloak of War

Episode 15

Adam is the target of an assassination league. After their... Read more

Once Around

Episode 16

The team must protect a defense witness against a New... Read more

Final Judgment

Episode 17

Adam is put on trail by a mysterious Tribunal for... Read more


Episode 18

The team tracks down a pyromaniac mutant but matters are... Read more

One Step Closer

Episode 19

The team must protect a senator's daughter but Brennan's powers... Read more

Reality Check

Episode 20

A New Mutant with the ability to manipulate the minds... Read more


Episode 21

The team travel to an oil rig to fight a... Read more

Lest He Become

Episode 22

Shalimar's father is involevd in secretive genetic research. The team... Read more

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