Moving On
Moving On



First Aired

May 18, 2009


Moving On


Network: BBC One

Status: Running


Series of dramas linked by a central theme: how to 'move on' and pass turning points in life


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Sauce for the Goose

Episode 1

A middle-aged divorcee's life is turned upside down when her... Read more

Skies of Glass

Episode 2

When Mary-Ann and Anthony's attempt to adopt their foster baby... Read more

Skin Deep

Episode 3

Jean is about to turn 60 and has left a... Read more


Episode 4

Tina's husband Moose was sent down when their daughter Jess... Read more

Letting Go

Episode 5

When Kirsty O'Connell finds drugs in her house she's appalled... Read more


Episode 6

Teenager Jack is egged on by his mates to break... Read more

The Test

Episode 7

Theresa and Cyn have been friends for forty years, but... Read more

Losing My Religion

Episode 8

When Joanne's son Jamie gets bullied, she assumes that his... Read more

Rules of the Game

Episode 9

Dave is forever in the shadow of his footballer brother... Read more

I Am Darleen Fyles

Episode 10

A young woman with learning difficulties makes an unlikely bond... Read more

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