Masha and the Bear
Masha and the Bear



First Aired

May 01, 2009


Masha and the Bear


Network: Россия 1

Status: Continuing


The aim of Masha and the Bear series is simple and urgent at the same time — the series tries to introduce eternal truths to a child in a clear and entertaining way, to present the world in its diversity and to reveal positive features of any situation. The series also tries to explain the logic of actions in various difficult situations and helps to struggle with your own weak points in an unobtrusive way.


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Picture Perfect

Episode 1

The Bear is drawing the naturmort. But Masha want drawing... Read more

Time to Ride My Pony

Episode 2

The Tiger has come back to the Bear. They have... Read more

One Hit Wonder

Episode 3

The Bear is missing because the Bear-woman wouldn't be with... Read more

Growing Potion

Episode 4

The Gimalays Bear is laughing about Bear's death flowers, and... Read more

Swept Away

Episode 5

Masha and the Hare are having an epic game of... Read more

All in the Family

Episode 6

Once upon a time in winter the Penguin boy visits... Read more

La Dolce Vita

Episode 7

Masha wants some sweets but first she has to transform... Read more

Just Shoot Me

Episode 8

While the Bear is busy mending Masha's pretty dresses, she... Read more

Kidding Around

Episode 9

On a fine day, when all the animals were busy... Read more

Two Much

Episode 10

Masha has a sister named Dasha. Once upon a time... Read more

Bon Voyage

Episode 11

What does it take to turn a regular journey into... Read more

Trading Places Day

Episode 12

The Bear recalls his past accomplishments in circus and recreates... Read more

The Thriller Night

Episode 13

The Bear would have never allowed Masha to be left... Read more

Terrible Power

Episode 14

The Female Bear presents Masha with a glamour magazine and... Read more

Hats Off

Episode 15

The Bear is desperately struggling against the greedy moth, which... Read more

And Action!

Episode 16

Masha and the Bear decided to shoot a movie, but... Read more

Self-Made Hero

Episode 17

Masha decides to try on the role of superhero: she... Read more

Dance Fever

Episode 20

Read more

Victory Cry

Episode 21

Read more

Variety Show

Episode 23

Read more

Home-Grown Ninjas

Episode 25

The Bear is tired of being an eternal nanny for... Read more

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