First Aired

Sep 17, 1972




Network: CBS

Status: Ended


The 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital is stuck in the middle of the Korean war. With little help from the circumstances they find themselves in, they are forced to make their own fun. Fond of practical jokes and revenge, the doctors, nurses, administrators, and soldiers often find ways of making wartime life bearable.


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That's Show Biz

Episode 1

A touring USO show brings an unexpected touch of vaudeville... Read more

Identity Crisis

Episode 2

Father Mulcahy counsels a GI who is plagued by guilt... Read more

Rumor at the Top

Episode 3

The latest scuttlebutt affects everyone's behavior when a visiting is... Read more

Give 'em Hell, Hawkeye

Episode 4

Hawkeye writes a heartfelt letter to President Harry Truman to... Read more

Wheelers and Dealers

Episode 5

On the eve of a big poker game, B.J.'s pride... Read more

Communication Breakdown

Episode 6

Winchester infuriates the camp when he hoards his stateside newspapers,... Read more

Snap Judgment (1)

Episode 7

The military police think they've solved a rash of thefts... Read more

Snappier Judgment (2)

Episode 8

B.J. and Hawkeye resolve to clear Klinger's name after he... Read more

'Twas the Day after Christmas

Episode 9

To boost post-yuletide morale on Dec 26, Potter has the... Read more

Follies of the Living - Concerns of the Dead

Episode 10

Whilst suffering a fever, Klinger communicates with the spirit of... Read more

The Birthday Girls

Episode 11

Margaret's birthday plans are spoiled when she and Klinger get... Read more

Blood and Guts

Episode 12

Hawkeye is outraged when a sensationalistic war correspondent, Clayton Kibbee,... Read more

A Holy Mess

Episode 13

An AWOL soldier, Nick Gillis, seeks sanctuary in the mess... Read more

The Tooth Shall Set You Free

Episode 14

Charles has a serious toothache, but hates the thought of... Read more

Pressure Points

Episode 15

Potter sends for Sidney Freedman when he loses confidence in... Read more

Where There's a Will, There's a War

Episode 16

Hawkeye goes to help at an aid station, and under... Read more

Promotion Commotion

Episode 17

Winchester, Pierce, and Hunnicutt find themselves in the sticky position... Read more


Episode 18

Hawkeye is the golden boy of the world press when... Read more

Sons and Bowlers

Episode 19

After losing to the Marines once again, Colonel Potter wishes... Read more

Picture This

Episode 20

Potter's attempts to assemble the crew for a family portrait... Read more

That Darn Kid

Episode 21

Klinger buys a goat, with the intention of getting rich... Read more

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